DTEK inaugurates 240 MW solar plant in Ukraine
cannot be used for agriculture. Risen shipped 763 MW of modules to Ukraine in the first half of the year, hoisting the manufacturer up the ranking of top
Nov 2, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Ukraine, DTEK, Europe, Risen
Modus Group completed 13.5 MW PV project in Ukraine
Lithuanian Modus Group, has implemented their first solar energy project in Ukraine. Investment was more than €11 million ($12.1 million). The solar power
Nov 28, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Ukraine, Europe, Green Genius, Lithuanian Modus Group
Volume of Ukraine orders just keeps Risen
Chinese module manufacturer Risen Energy describes Ukraine in its latest press release as “one of the overseas markets with increasing potential” for solar, it’s
Sep 24, 2019 // Manufacturing News, China, Ukraine, Europe, Asia, Risen Energy
Ukraine makes a bid for PV growth
each year has grown from just three in 2010 to almost 20 in 2019. Ukraine saw more than 700 MW of new PV installed in 2018, and in the first four months
Jul 26, 2019 // Commercial, Tariffs, Scatec Solar, Solar, tarif, commerce, Ukraine, PV, EBRD, NEFCO, Natixis, Total Eren, AlGihaz and NBT, Svitlana Teush, Head of Construction, Europe
Modus Group powers up 13.5-MW solar park in Ukraine
week. The power plant was installed in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of western Ukraine within a six-month period. Ruslan Sklepovic, board member of Modus Group
Dec 2, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Ukraine, Europe, Green Genius, Modus Group, Ruslan Sklepovic
ReneSola and also Avenston Sign Partnership Agreement in Ukraine
in the country. Avenston is a member of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine & Energy Club and is actively involved is the promotion of clean energy in
Aug 18, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Ukraine, Europe, renesola, Sky Wang, Avenston, Partnership, Dmytro Lukomskyi
Ukraine reveals prepare for retroactive FIT cuts
Ministry of Energy as well as Environmental Protection of Ukraine is taking into consideration lowering feed-in tolls (FITs) for existing huge range PV plants
Mar 2, 2020 // Tariffs, FiT, Ukraine, Europe, Konstantyn Chyzhyk
Znshine strikes Ukraine module supply bargain
which is expected to create some 90GWh of power yearly. Sara Ben Moumen, Ukraine country manager for Znshine, said the project marked the begin of an "vital
Aug 5, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Ukraine, Europe, mono-PERC, Znshine, module supply
Ukraine has 350 MW of solar under web metering
State Agency on Energy Efficiency as well as Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) has actually reported the country had 350 MW of roof PV running under internet
Feb 24, 2020 // Plants, Residential, Markets & Finance News, Rooftop PV, Ukraine, Europe
IFC launches $50 million climate-smart leasing project in Ukraine
million to Kiev-based firm OTP Leasing for sustainable energy investments in Ukraine. The long-term green financing will benefit small- and medium-sized
Oct 31, 2019 // Markets & Finance News, Ukraine, Europe, world bank, international finance corporation, Scaling Solar, Kosovo, otp leasing
Ukraine solar industry poised between optimism and fears of FIT renegotiation
about the weather so much as the potential impact of continuing reforms to Ukraine’s renewable energy law. The country has been at a green energy crossroads for
Oct 20, 2019 // Markets & Finance News, Ukraine, Europe, Vitaliy Tymoshchenko, Philipp Leckebusch, DTEK Renewables, Narek Tunyan, Recom
Scatec activate its 3rd solar park in Ukraine
business executed the project in partnership with Dutch growth bank FMO under Ukraine's feed-in-tariff (FiT) plan. The solar park is expected to provide some 37
Dec 30, 2020 // Plants, Raymond Carlsen, Scatec, Ukraine, Europe, Solar Park
Ukraine's legislation on FIT restructuring has passed: The specialist sight
long-awaited draft law No. 3658 On the Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on the Improvement of Support for the Production of Electricity from
Jul 22, 2020 // Policy, FiT, Ukraine, Svitlana Teush, Europe
All details of Ukraine's brand-new feed-in tariffs for PV
Memorandum of Understanding joined June 10, 2020, in between the Government of Ukraine and also two associations representing the interests of investors in the field
Aug 6, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Tariffs, Opinions, Ukraine, Europe, feed-in tariffs, TETIANA MYLENKA
Ukraine orders lift Risen up overseas module shipment rankings
more than twice the uptick achieved by its rivals – helped by huge orders from Ukraine. Risen reported a 71% increase in the volume of modules it shipped
Sep 6, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Jinko Solar, China, Ukraine, JA Solar, Europe, Asia, Trina Solar, GCL, Risen, Chint