Enel donates solar panels to Ukraine

Mar 3, 2023 05:54 PM ET
  • The 2MW batch is the initial commitment under a European effort
Enel donates solar panels to Ukraine
Image: Pixabay

Enel has actually committed to donate 5700 solar photovoltaic panels of 350 watts each to Ukraine, giving a of around 2MW.

The donated solar PV panels will hide to 11,400 square metres of roofings split amongst different public structures in Ukraine.

The shipment is readied to occur by summer 2023.

The step marks the initial step in the European Commission's "Ray of Hope" project, introduced by President Ursula von der Leyen on contributions of solar panels to Ukraine.

She said: "Following my announcements in Kyiv one month back, today we can announce that an initial batch of solar panels will certainly be delivered to Ukraine soon. I want to say thanks to Enel which is donating 5,700 photovoltaic panels to Ukraine.

" These solar panels are produced in Europe, in Catania, with the support of the European Technology Fund. They will certainly offer power to colleges, hospitals and fire departments. I am persuaded that other European firms along with Member States will be inspired by this initial step, to make sure that Ukraine can rely upon clean electrical energy, produced at home."

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