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Especially for you, we are collecting all the news and fresh information related to floating photovoltaic installations. Floating solar plant is a PV system mounted onto a structure floating on water surface. Floating green energy solutions are advanced technologies that allow saving land and making use of existing water basins. Also: Solar Installers Directory.

AFRY Leads NPS 90MW Floating Solar Expansion
NPS selects AFRY for its 90MW floating solar PV project to reduce fossil fuel dependency and accelerate Thailand's energy transition. AFRY offers its extensive experience in power plants design and construction to guarantee successful completion.
Sep 26, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, Thailand, Asia, PV Power Plant, Afry
Q Energy Launches Europe's Largest Floating Solar Farm
Europe's largest floating solar farm is now in the works. Q Energy, along with Solutions 30 SE, Ciel & Terre Int., and Perpetum Energy, have announced plans to build a 74.3-MW floating solar farm in France's Haute-Marne region. Construction is set to begin soon, with 37,000 people set to benefit from the power produced.
Sep 20, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, PV Power Plant, Q Energy
Israel Floats 31MW Solar Field Above Reservoirs
Discover how Teralight, Synergy, and the Hof HaCarmel Water Association are spearheading a 31 MW floating solar energy field in Kibbutz Maayan Zvi, Israel. The project is part of a policy to protect waterways and reservoirs, utilizing Xfloat's advanced solar tracking technology. Learn more about the government ministries, localities, and experts involved in this landmark project!
Sep 12, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, Asia, Israel, PV Power Plant
Floating Solar: Utah Water District Soars to Net-Zero
Ameresco is awarded the design contract to build a 589-kW floating solar array for the Mountain Regional Water Special Service District. The project will offset 92% of the energy consumed from the grid, reduce energy costs by 80%, and help the district reach a net-zero energy goal. Construction begins June 2024 with completion expected by September 2024.
Aug 30, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, ameresco, floating solar array
SJVN Grabs 90 MW Floating Solar in Madhya Pradesh
SGEL has won the 90 MW floating solar project in Madhya Pradesh with an INR 3.79 ($0.046)/kWh tariff. The project is expected to generate 4,781 MUs over 25 years and will be commissioned within 21 months of signing the PPA. SJVN is the second firm to win the project.
Aug 11, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, India, Asia, PV Power Plant, SGEL
NTPC Floats to Record Low: Wins 80MW Project at INR 3.80/kWh
NTPC Renewable Energy Limited wins 80 MW floating solar project in Madhya Pradesh with low cost of INR 3.80 kWh. MP government to bear cost of battery energy storage system of INR 30 million for sustainable, clean and affordable energy supply.
Aug 9, 2023 // Floating PV, India, NTPC, Asia, PV Power Plant
Unlimited Solar Power: Floating Equatorial Panels
Floating solar panels could provide unlimited renewable energy to densely populated countries in Southeast Asia and West Africa, potentially powering a billion people by 2050. Our research shows Indonesia and Nigeria have the highest potential for offshore solar arrays, due to their maritime areas and equatorial environment.
Aug 4, 2023 // Floating PV, West Africa, Southeast Asia
Old Pits Become Green Energy Goldmines with Floating Solar
Floating Solar Panels are revolutionizing renewable energy in Europe, with Baywa r.e. leading the way. Governments, businesses, and utilities now offer subsidies to promote floatovoltaics, providing benefits such as sidestepping land disputes and improving water quality. Projects in Austria and Germany are generating enough energy to power thousands of homes. With red tape and environmental assessments now in place, installation is becoming faster and easier.
Aug 3, 2023 // Floating PV, Europe, baywa r.e.
SeaVolt Tests Offshore Solar Platform at Ostend Port
Revolutionizing the world of renewable energy, SeaVolt is a collaboration between Tractebel, DEME, and Jan De Nul’s first floating solar energy test platform, set to be installed in the Belgian North Sea by August. New technologies to assess waves, rain, salt spray, and marine environment are being tested.
Jul 19, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Floating PV, Europe, Belgium, PV Power Plant, Tractebel, DEME, Jan de Nul, SeaVolt
Akuo Powers Up O'MEGA1 Bis Floating Solar Project
Akuo recently inaugurated O'MEGA 1 Bis, a 22MW extension of the power plant creating a plethora of new opportunities for local communities. With the extension already generating 25,500GWh of electricity and a successful crowdfunding initiative, the project also serves as an initiative for local agriculture.
Jul 18, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Floating PV, France, Europe, akuo, floating solar project
20-MWp Floating Solar Plant Powers Up in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
EDF Renewables energises 20-MWp floating solar PV plant in France, covering 24.5 ha with 50,000 PV panels and enough to provide electricity to 12,500 residents. Expansion plans in the region include four more solar plants for 85 MW by 2023.
Jun 26, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, France, Europe, PV Power Plant
Floating Solar: Malaysia Taps Into Offshore Potential
SolarDuck, TNB Renewables and TNB Research are partnering to construct a 780-kW OFS research facility off the coast of Tioman Island in Malaysia. Their goal is to evaluate the feasibility of net zero emissions while providing a reliable and cost competitive energy supply. Hydro's aluminium profiles will be used for the project, with completion targeted for 2025.
Jun 20, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, Malaysia, Asia, SOLARDUCK
Bolette: Floating Solar Unlocked
Fred Olsen 1848 has launched Bolette - a proprietary system to allow floating solar arrays to cope with wave and wind loads. Bolette is a cost-effective and simple solution, with 150kW pilot installation planned in Norway this summer and 3MW commercial project in 2024. Unlock the potential of floating solar with Bolette.
Jun 20, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, Europe, Norway, PV Power Plant, Fred Olsen 1848
Largest floating solar array in The United States and Canada currently online in New Jersey
The biggest floating solar array in The United States and Canada is now complete in New Jersey. Owned as well as operated by NJR Clean Energy Ventures, the 8.9-MW solar project covers 17 acres of the Canoe Brook reservoir in Short Hills, New Jersey. The project will certainly provide approximately 95% of the power requires for New Jersey American Water's Canoe Brook Water Treatment Plant.
Jun 8, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, USA, North America, PV Power Plant
United States utility starts floating solar plant
New Jersey Resources will certainly host a ribbon reducing ceremony for the 8.9 MW array on Canoe Brook reservoir
Jun 6, 2023 // Plants, Floating PV, USA, North America, PV Power Plant