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We will keep you aware of the latest events related to photovoltaic inverters. What is a solar inverter? It is an essential component of any PV plant, meant for converting DC into AC, using solar energy. What’s new happening in the market of solar inverters? All the relevant news is collected in one section and is regularly updated.
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Enphase Energy Unveils IQ8P Microinverters for High-Powered Solar Modules
Enphase Energy's IQ8P Microinverters in France and Spain offer high-powered solar support with peak output of 480W, maximizing energy production and reliability for homeowners. #EnphaseEnergy #SolarPower
Apr 4, 2024 // Inverters, Spain, France, Enphase Energy, Europe, microinverter
GoodWe's Vietnam Plant Boosts Global Expansion Strategy
GoodWe Technologies Co Ltd expands globally with new manufacturing plant in Vietnam, enhancing competitiveness and customer service in key markets.
Mar 14, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Inverters, Asia, Vietnam, GoodWe
Panasonic's EverVolt Hybrid Inverter: Powering Your Home Efficiently
Upgrade your home with Panasonic's new EverVolt hybrid inverter, offering reliability, efficiency, and compatibility with various solar panels. A game-changer in renewable energy integration.
Mar 13, 2024 // Inverters, Panasonic'
SolarEdge's 330-kW Inverter Receives UL 1741-SB Certification
SolarEdge's high-power DC-optimized 330-kW inverter system, installed on a 1-MW solar system in California, overcomes shading and terrain challenges, offers 99% efficiency, and reduces costs while increasing energy production.
Feb 16, 2024 // Inverters, SolarEdge
SMA to Build 3.5 GW Solar Inverter Factory in US
SMA Solar Technology AG is focusing on the US, announcing a 3.5 GW production plant and a Gigawatt Factory in Germany, both planned for completion by 2025. With the Biden Administration’s target of tripling US renewable energy deployments in the next 10 years, SMA is ready to make it happen.
Dec 13, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Inverters, USA, inverter, SMA, North America
Solar-Powered Smart Cowshed: GoodWe & Sunprime Partner
GoodWe's cutting-edge GW100K-HT inverters are helping India to reach energy independence with a 500KWp solar project powering a smart cowshed, reducing carbon impact and generating over 60 MWh per month. Unlock the potential of this transformative project.
Dec 8, 2023 // Plants, Inverters, India, Asia, PV Power Plant, GoodWe
INVTSolar Launches XG1-5KTL-S Inverter
INVTSolar revolutionizes the local solar industry with its latest XG1-5kW-S on-grid solar inverter, winning the Most Innovative Product Launch award at the State Business Meet 2023. Enjoy all its features - from single MPPT to grid monitoring - to create a sustainable future.
Dec 8, 2023 // Inverters, India, Asia, INVTSolar
Growatt Powers Solar Potential with MAX 100~125KTL3-X2
Growatt has fashioned an enhanced model, MAX 100~125KTL3-X2, with 8 MPPTs and higher current capacity for a more efficient solar experience. It also offers up to 200% DC/AC ratio and broad MPPT range of 180V to 1000V for maximum solar energy harvesting. Safety is ensured with Type II SPDs, fuse-free design, and other features.
Dec 4, 2023 // Inverters, Growatt
Axitec’s Hybrid Inverter:AXIhycon Debuts
Experience the revolutionary new "AXIhycon" series of hybrid inverters from Axitec Energy GmbH & Co. KG, with up to 10 kW output power, 97.87-97.51% efficiency, Li SV1 & SV2 compatible & a backup output. Get yours now!
Nov 28, 2023 // Storage, Inverters, Germany, Europe, Axitec
20GW Milestone: Sungrow Pins Hopes On 1+X Modular Inverter
Sungrow's 1+X Modular Inverter accurately detects faults while providing real-time alerts for timely O&M. With over 405GW installed worldwide, Sungrow is helping customers maximize profits with a comprehensive solution that ensures enhanced system reliability.
Nov 22, 2023 // Inverters, Sungrow
Growatt’s MAX Series: Boosting India's Solar Expansion
Growatt has made a great impact in the Indian solar market with their locally tailored solutions and advanced technology. Learn how their MAX series of inverters are helping investors achieve high yields and stability, plus discover the MID 33-50KTL3-X2 inverter. Reduce emissions and save water with Growatt's inverters and C&I solutions. Explore their progress in the Indian solar market and become part of their success story.
Nov 14, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Inverters, India, Asia, inverter, Growatt
Growatt Launches NEO 2000M-X Microinverter
Welcome to the future of renewable energy: Growatt's NEO 2000M-X microinverter. 2kW full power output, 4 MPP trackers and 96.5% maximum efficiency, plus IP67 protection & Type III SPD guarantees reliable performance in any environment. Get the most out of solar energy today!
Oct 31, 2023 // Inverters, Growatt
Growatt Earns Solar Loan Financing Approval
Growatt's MIN 3000-11400TL-XH-US inverter approved by Goodleap, Sunlight Financial, Enfin, Bright Oak and Sungage - creating secure financing options for customers and installers and unlocking maximum energy production.
Oct 26, 2023 // Inverters, Growatt
Enphase Powers Up Greece's Solar Market
Enphase Energy Inc enables Greece to meet its 2 GW solar PV capacity goal with its IQ8 microinverters and batteries, offering subsidies of up to 65% for solar plant installation and 90% for batteries. Take part in the net-metering programme to help balance the grid.
Oct 24, 2023 // Storage, Inverters, Greece, Europe, Enphase
GoodWe Launches 320/350kW UT Inverter: Power Plant Efficiency, Streamlined O&M
GoodWe launches its UT series of three-phase 1,500V utility string inverters with 99.01% maximum efficiency, 12 & 15 MPPTs, anti-PID & PID recovery, C5 IP66 protection, and one-stop solutions with MV Stations & advanced communication devices. GoodWe's successful 4th Customer Meet in Hyderabad concluded too!
Oct 2, 2023 // Inverters, GoodWe