Fronius Partner Program: Elevating Solar Installation Excellence

May 14, 2024 09:19 AM ET
  • Elevate your solar game with Fronius USA's updated partner program, launching June 3, 2024. Gain training, resources, and exclusive benefits to excel in solar installation and service.

Fronius USA has announced an updated partner program aimed at improving the quality of solar installation, service, and support for customers using Fronius Solar Energy products. The program, set to launch on June 3, 2024, will provide solar installers and technicians with training and resources to sell, install, and repair Fronius solar products professionally and safely. The three-tier program includes the Service Authorized Installer, Fronius Trained Installer, and Fronius Solutions Partner levels, each offering different benefits and requirements to maintain partnership status.

The program is designed to cater to both experienced installers proficient in Fronius technologies and novice solar companies looking to expand their knowledge and skills. Partners will have access to exclusive service work, parts ordering, technical support, and more, while also being required to meet annual benchmarks to maintain their partnership status. Fronius aims to educate emerging solar companies and meet the increasing demand for servicing aging solar systems as more inverters reach the end of their warranty period.

What benefits does Fronius USA's updated partner program offer solar installers?

  • Access to exclusive service work opportunities
  • Priority parts ordering for faster repairs
  • Dedicated technical support for troubleshooting
  • Training and resources to improve knowledge and skills in Fronius technologies
  • Opportunities to expand business and attract more customers
  • Assistance in meeting annual benchmarks to maintain partnership status
  • Support in servicing aging solar systems as more inverters reach the end of their warranty period

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