Energy Commodities

On this page, we have prepared both a brief overview of types of energy commodities for newbies and a table of relevant prices for top energy commodities. Whether you are interested in gold or would like to invest in crude oil and natural gas, we will keep you up-to-date with the current values and price fluctuations.

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Since energy is a necessary element of any sphere of life, it is quite natural that energy market is an attractive investment option. Both conventional and alternative energy sources arouse investors’ interest, as they are always looking for promising places of profit. Let’s examine what types of energy commodities there are and how much valuable they are in terms of investing. 


At first, we are going to talk about fossil fuels. They include crude oil, coal, and natural gas.

  • Crude oil is an undeniable leader among tradable commodities. Crude oil consumption constitutes about 40 percent of the world’s energy market, making it the most interesting investment vehicle. Over 87M oil barrels is traded daily, which surpasses the volume of all the other commodities.
  • Coal exceeds one fifth of the energy commodities consumed globally. Due to its abundancy in nature, coal is now experiencing revival. About half of all the U.S.’s electrical power is produced from coal.
  • Natural gas, even though overweighed by crude oil, is still one of the major energy commodities. Its applications range from home heating and cooking to various manufacturing processes. 

As an alternative to fossil fuels, there are such energy sources as ethanol fuel and nuclear power, and of course renewable sources like wind and solar energy. 

  • Ethanol is gaining more popularity as a promising investment option. It is often used as a biofuel additive. Ethanol fuel is usually made from sugar or corn.
  • Nuclear power is also enjoying the rise due to the improved recent ecological standards within the sector.
  • Solar and other clean energy sources are in high demand due to geopolitical, ecological, and a wide range of other reasons.
  • Wind power is a feasible sustainable energy source that also attracts much of investors’ attention.
  • Electricity can be generated from a variety of energy sources. Electricity itself is a valuable commodity, since modern world is unthinkable without it.


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