Top Solar Software

Top Solar Software and Best Solar Monitoring Products

There are dozens of specialized software packages intended for solar installers or plant owners. The range of applications of solar software and monitoring tools vary. Some applications are meant for designing solar systems, the others are for managing the projects. There are such products that combine several functions. Let’s take a closer look at different types of solar SW and get to know some of the most advanced and useful programs.

Top Solar Monitoring Applications

There is a wide choice of solar monitoring apps available nowadays. They can be helpful for solar installation companies in either measuring the system’s performance or calculating the expected return on investment.

Top Asset Management Software

Asset management apps are intended for a wide range of functions, including performance tracking, compliance with contracts, billing, reporting, finance and document management, etc.

Top Solar Design Software

Proper design is crucial both for maximizing performance of a solar system and reducing costs. Especially in huge, utility-scale projects, solar design software is indispensable.

Top Solar Proposal Software

Thanks to solar proposal (or sales) apps, solar professionals can quickly create precise sales proposals for potential clients. The special software allows reducing time of proposal generation drastically.

Top Solar Project Management Software

Complex, large-scale projects often have too many changing conditions and are hard to deal without special tools. Project management SW is specifically designed to simplify the task and allow solar professionals concentrate on new projects.

Top Solar Lead Generation Software

In order to succeed, any company engaged in commercial solar industry has to generate the leads and manage them as prospective customers. There is a particular type of SW intended specifically for this purpose.

Top Solar Consumer-Facing Platforms

In contrast to other software types reviewed in this article, consumer-facing tools are intended specifically for direct dealing with end customers.

Top Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platforms

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