KRICT & UniTest Break World Record with Perovskite Solar Cell
Korean researchers break records with 20.6% efficient perovskite solar cell, surpassing China. Next-gen technology offers high efficiency and low costs for solar energy.
May 22, 2024 // Technology, Asia, Korea, solar cell, perovskite
World Bank funds Uzbekistan's first solar-storage project
World Bank backs Uzbekistan's first solar project with energy storage, led by Masdar. A game-changer in Central Asia's renewable energy landscape.
May 22, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Storage, Asia, world bank, Uzbekistan
Novel Technique Grows Single-Crystal Perovskite Hydrides for Conductivity Study
Japanese researchers pioneer new method for growing single-crystal perovskite hydrides, unlocking potential for hydrogen storage and superconducting technologies.
May 21, 2024 // Technology, Japan, Asia, perovskite
Bandgap Grading Boosts Perovskite Solar Cell Performance
Discover how bandgap grading revolutionizes perovskite solar cells for maximum efficiency and energy production. Stay ahead in the renewable energy game!
May 17, 2024 // Technology, India, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, Bandgap, Chiktara University
BP's Green Hydrogen Project in Oman Advances
Discover how BP's innovative green hydrogen project in Oman is revolutionizing the energy industry with sustainable solutions.
May 17, 2024 // Solar to Fuel, Asia, Oman, green hydrogen, bp
Bangladesh Seeks Consultants for 100-MW Solar Project Feasibility
Bangladesh is harnessing the power of the sun with a 100-MW solar farm project. Join us in shaping a sustainable future!
May 17, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Bangladesh, Asia, PV Power Plant
Revolutionizing IoT: SOLRA-PV's Indoor Solar Power Success
Experience the future of sustainable energy with SOLRA-PV's innovative indoor perovskite solar panels, powering IoT devices with eco-friendly efficiency.
May 16, 2024 // Technology, Asia, Israel, solar panel, perovskite, SOLRA-PV
Enfinity secures $135M for 1.2GW India renewables
Enfinity Global Inc secures $135 million from CPP Investments to power over two million households in India with 1.2 GW of solar and wind projects.
May 16, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, India, Asia, Enfinity Global Inc
Voltalia's Uzbekistan Expansion: 550 MW Storage Deals Revealed
Voltalia SA secures 550 MW of battery storage in Uzbekistan, with plans for a 50-MW system at a new solar park and a 500-MW facility in the works.
May 16, 2024 // Storage, Voltalia, Asia, Uzbekistan
SEG Solar's USD-500m PV Factory in Indonesia
SEG Solar's groundbreaking multi-gigawatt manufacturing complex in Indonesia set to revolutionize solar equipment production in Southeast Asia.
May 15, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Asia, Indonesia, SEG Solar
Japan's First Offshore Floating Solar Plant Powers Tokyo Bay
Revolutionizing renewable energy in Japan, SolarDuck and Tokyu Corp launch the country's first offshore floating solar power plant, powering electric vehicles and boats. #sustainableenergy
May 10, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Floating PV, Japan, Asia, PV Power Plant
L&T Wins Contracts for 270 MW Indian PV Parks
Larsen & Toubro shines bright with 270 MW solar park orders in India and expansion into international markets, solidifying its position in the renewable energy industry.
May 9, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, India, Asia, PV Power Plant, Larsen & Toubro
Powering Pakistan: 1.3-GW Renewables Hub Interconnection Study Launched
Oracle Power PLC's 1.3-GW renewables hub in Pakistan, with solar, wind, and energy storage, is set to revolutionize the country's energy landscape. Supported by State Grid China, this project is a game-changer.
May 7, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Asia, Pakistan
China's Solar Giants: Prices Near Bottom, Production Rises
China's solar giants predict prices have hit rock bottom, with Jinko and Trina expecting a rebound in global demand despite current market challenges.
May 7, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, solar panel, Trina Solar, Jinko
Novel Additive Boosts Efficiency of Tin Halide Solar Cells
Revolutionary tin halide perovskite solar cell developed with 4PTSC additive for enhanced efficiency and stability. Eco-friendly option for photovoltaics.
May 1, 2024 // Technology, South Korea, Asia, solar cell, efficiency, Chungbuk National University