Solar-Powered Smart Cowshed: GoodWe & Sunprime Partner
GoodWe's cutting-edge GW100K-HT inverters are helping India to reach energy independence with a 500KWp solar project powering a smart cowshed, reducing carbon impact and generating over 60 MWh per month. Unlock the potential of this transformative project.
Dec 8, 2023 // Plants, Inverters, India, Asia, PV Power Plant, GoodWe
INVTSolar Launches XG1-5KTL-S Inverter
INVTSolar revolutionizes the local solar industry with its latest XG1-5kW-S on-grid solar inverter, winning the Most Innovative Product Launch award at the State Business Meet 2023. Enjoy all its features - from single MPPT to grid monitoring - to create a sustainable future.
Dec 8, 2023 // Inverters, India, Asia, INVTSolar
Gurin Energy Reaches Financial Close on 75-MW Solar Project
Gurin Energy Pte Ltd reaches financial close on 75-MW solar project, set to provide clean energy to 35,500 homes in the Philippines beginning in 2024. Join the green energy trading corridor between Indonesia and Singapore with 2 GW of renewable energy.
Dec 7, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Asia, Philippines, PV Power Plant, Gurin Energy Pte Ltd
Goldi Solar Lands 190MW Module Deal with Engie India
Goldi Solar is the chosen supplier for a major project, supplying the modules needed to complete it. With 10 years experience, this is just one example of their success.
Dec 6, 2023 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, India, Asia, Goldi Solar
GCL Achieves Record Perovskite Efficiency
GCL sets the bar high in perovskite tandem module development with its new record in conversion efficiency. Optimized light trapping structure & adjusted band gap of device layer make it possible.
Dec 5, 2023 // Technology, China, Asia, perovskite, GCL, efficiency
PetroGreen Powers Up 25MW Solar Project in Philippines
PetroGreen Energy Corp, a renewable power producer, is set to build a 25-MW solar park in the Luzon region of the Philippines. The project is expected to annually generate 41,000 MWh of electricity and reduce 29,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Construction begins January 2021.
Dec 4, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Asia, Philippines, PV Power Plant, PetroGreen
23% Efficiency: Open-Air Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells
Chonnam National University researchers have developed a hot air deposition technique for processing tandem solar cells that is simpler, more efficient and requires no humidity-controlled environment. The team achieved a 23.07% efficiency rating, 65°C & 85°C thermal stability, and a 21.82% efficiency for a practical 1 cm2 cell size. Further development on track for a 29.1% practical efficiency.
Dec 4, 2023 // Technology, South Korea, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, Chonnam National University
Indonesia: USD 2.6m Loan Powers Shizen JV's Rooftop Solar
Alam Energy, a joint venture between Shizen Energy and other companies, has secured a loan of IDR-41 billion to develop and operate rooftop solar power installations for commercial and industrial customers in Indonesia. Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work towards a carbon neutral future with Alam Energy.
Dec 1, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Rooftop PV, Asia, Indonesia, Shizen Energy
Vena Energy Powers Aomori With 20 MW Solar
Discover how Vena Energy's two 20 MW solar parks in Japan will generate enough electricity to power 4,900 homes and their ever-growing network of 45 GW of onshore, offshore, and battery assets in the Asia-Pacific region. Find out more!
Dec 1, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Japan, Asia, PV Power Plant, Vena Energy
Engie Constructs 400-MW Solar Park in India's Gujarat
Engie is building a 400-MW solar park in India with a 25-year power purchase agreement with GUVNL. This park will generate 907 GWh of electricity annually and reduce CO2 emissions by 774,112 tonnes. Engie's goal- 1.5 GW renewable portfolio in India & 80 GW globally by 2030.
Nov 30, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, India, Engie, Asia, PV Power Plant
Technique Solaire Acquires 135MWp in India
Experience the power of renewables as Technique Solaire Group adds 135.4 MWp of solar farms to its India portfolio. Generating 215 GWh of electricity per year, the solar farms will drive the company’s ambitious international expansion plans.
Nov 28, 2023 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, India, Asia, Technique Solaire
GCL SI to Raise $680M for 20-GW N-Type Cell Factory
GCL System Integration Technology Co Ltd obtains approval for CNY-4.84-billion private share sale in Shenzhen, with proceeds to fund expansion of 10-GW N-type cell factory and increase module capacity to 30 GW.
Nov 28, 2023 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, GCL SI
600 MW Renewables Power Eastern India
AmpIn Energy Transition's INR 31 billion investment commits to 600MW of renewable energy across 17 states in Eastern India. CEO Pinaki Bhattacharyya leading the charge to create a greener Eastern India.
Nov 27, 2023 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, India, Asia, AmpIn Energy
UAE Lights Up World's Largest Solar Plant Before COP28
Explore the UAE's Net Zero 2050 goal with the 2-gigawatt Al Dhafra Solar Power Plant. This ambitious project is expected to displace 2.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions and provide enough electricity to power nearly 200,000 homes. Witness the incredible milestone achieved with Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the UAE's commitment to clean energy.
Nov 22, 2023 // Plants, Asia, UAE, PV Power Plant
LONGi's MYR 1.8bn Malaysian Solar Plant
Discover how LONGi Green Energy is investing in Malaysia's economy and sustainable development with the launch of its MYR 1.8 billion facility. With a production capacity of 8.8GW and 9,000 new local jobs, this ambitious project is set to transform Peninsular Malaysia.
Nov 22, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Malaysia, Asia, LONGi, PV Power Plant