KRICT & UniTest Break World Record with Perovskite Solar Cell
Korean researchers break records with 20.6% efficient perovskite solar cell, surpassing China. Next-gen technology offers high efficiency and low costs for solar energy.
May 22, 2024 // Technology, Asia, Korea, solar cell, perovskite
Stonepeak Powers 500 MW Solar-Storage JV in Korea
Peak Energy and Topinfra form JV to develop 500 MW of solar and battery storage capacity in South Korea, with initial investment of 70 MW. Funds from Peak Energy will fuel ambitious pipeline of projects within the country.
Dec 18, 2023 // Plants, Storage, Asia, Korea, Peak Energy, Topinfra
Engaging Solar Cells: Colorful, Transparent, Efficient
Research team succeeds in creating world's first transparent thin-film solar cell on flexible substrate with reflective colors, maintaining cell efficiency. Multi-layer thin film reduces the reflection loss in visible light, making solar cells with varied colors & excellent efficiency at a reasonable cost. Can be used in image sensors, photolithography masks, and infrared shielding fields. Research team actively pursues solar modules with esthetic & functional BIPV elements.
Aug 29, 2023 // Technology, Asia, Korea, thin-film solar cell, Jung-dae Kwon
Passivating SnO2/Perovskite Interface: FA+/Oxalate Dual Action
New research strategy to modify Tin dioxide (SnO2)/perovskite interface by passivating buried defects and modulating carrier dynamics achieves record-breaking power conversion efficiency of 25.05%. Improved energy level alignment and superior interface contacts offer enhanced stability.
Aug 3, 2023 // Technology, China, Asia, Korea, perovskite
Scientist layout novel HTMs for perovskite quantum dot solar cells
Scientist fromKorea's Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Ajou University, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) and Kookmin University have actually made new polymeric hole transport products that constitute a crucial component in perovskite quantum dot solar cells, leading to considerable increase in their effectiveness.
May 22, 2023 // Technology, solar cells, Asia, Korea, perovskite, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, DGIST, POSTECH, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Ajou University, Kookmin University
Attaining stable perovskite solar cells through phase transition engineering for effective defect passivation
Last summer season, cities of Korea including Seoul were hit by an unmatched heavy rainfall, which swamped various locations. In a similar way, torrential downpours engulfed concerning one-third of Pakistan, resulting in prevalent flooding. New York City State was not spared as it experienced heavy snow storms in December of last year, with snowfall of more than one meter.
Apr 21, 2023 // Technology, Asia, Korea, Taiho Park, perovskite solar cells, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Scientists produce full-color flexible microLEDs using perovskite QDs
Researchers from Korea's KIMM institute have actually produced full-color flexible microLED devices, using blue LEDs as well as perovskite quantum dot color conversion layers.
Mar 29, 2023 // Technology, Asia, Korea, perovskite, KIMM institute
Scientists raise the photoresponsivity of a lead-halide perovskite by 250%.
Researchers from Korea's Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Rochester in the U.S, and The Australian National University have actually boosted the photoresponsivity of a lead-halide perovskite for solar cell applications by 250%. They developed a perovskite film with a plasmonic substrate made from hyperbolic metamaterial and characterized it with transition dipole orientation.
Feb 20, 2023 // Technology, Asia, Korea, solar cell, perovskite, IBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Australian National University, Institute for Basic Science, University of Rochester in the U.S
Scientists count on facet engineering for more stable perovskite solar cells
Scientists at Switzerland's EPFL as well as Sungkyunkwan University in Korea have attended to the issue of perovskite solar cells' stability.
Jan 13, 2023 // Technology, Europe, Asia, Korea, solar cell, perovskite, Switzerland, EPFL, Sungkyunkwan University
Improving perovskite solar cell resistance to degradation
Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) can be made with low-cost materials, are highly effective, can surpass conventional silicon solar cells, as well as have the prospective to reinvent renewable energy. However, one of the current drawbacks preventing their widespread usage has is their lack of functional stability.
Jan 13, 2023 // Technology, Asia, Korea, solar cell, perovskite, Sungkyunkwan University, EPF
BlackRock Alternatives invests a lot more in Korean solar developer BEP
BlackRock Alternatives' Climate Infrastructure service has made an added investment of greater than KRW 170 billion (USD 133m/EUR 125m) in Korean small-scale solar developer as well as independent power manufacturer Brite Energy Partners (BEP).
Dec 28, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, Asia, Korea, BlackRock Alternatives, BEP
Economical eco-friendly manufacture of high efficiency chalcopyrite solar cells
Clean, lasting energy options are essential to fulfill the ever-increasing energy demands of the human population. High efficiency solar cells are promising candidates to reduce carbon emissions as well as achieve carbon neutrality.
Dec 9, 2022 // Technology, Asia, Korea, solar cell, efficiency, Incheon National University, JunHo Kim, Global Energy Research Center for Carbon Neutrality
GEB protects Korea's support for solar-plus-gas hybrid project in Bogota
Colombian power as well as gas company Grupo Energia Bogota (GEB) revealed today that it will certainly construct a hybrid facility south of Bogota, including a 1-MW solar farm and a 3.5-MW natural gas plant.
Jul 15, 2022 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Asia, Korea, GEB, solar-plus-gas hybrid project, Bogota
Hanwha to invest US$ 320 million in new solar cell, module manufacturing capacity growths
Hanwha Solutions has unveiled plans to spend US$ 320 million in cell and module production capacity developments in the United States and also Korea.
May 12, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, USA, Asia, Korea, North America, supply chain, solar manufacturing, Qcells, hanwha solutions
Korean scientists achieve 25.8% effectiveness for solitary junction perovskite solar cell
The record efficiency was gotten thanks to an interlayer put between the electron-transporting layer and the perovskite layer, which removed the requirement for passivation. The cell was additionally able to preserve around 90% of its first effectiveness after 500 hours under common illumination.
Oct 25, 2021 // Technology, Asia, Korea, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, UNIST