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America's $25,000 Electric Car: What to Expect
US electric vehicle prices dropping, but still lag behind global market. GM, Ford, Stellantis, and Tesla racing to offer $25,000 EVs to meet practicality demand.
Jun 18, 2024 // Transport, USA, North America
Maruti Suzuki India Invests $54m in Renewable Energy
Maruti Suzuki drives towards sustainability with USD 54 million investment in renewable energies, starting with a biogas plant at Manesar facility. #GreenFuture
Jun 6, 2024 // Transport, India, Asia, Maruti Suzuki
Revolutionizing EVs: Battery Recycling Redefines Environmental Impact
Advances in battery recycling are revolutionizing the environmental impact of electric vehicles, with companies like Redwood Materials leading the way in sustainability and efficiency.
Apr 25, 2024 // Storage, Transport, USA, recycling, North America, electric vehicles, Redwood Materials
Tesla Turmoil: Musk's Robotaxi Dreams Spark Chaos
Elon Musk's bold robotaxi vision sends Tesla into turmoil, with stock plummeting and key staff departing. Uncertainty looms as focus shifts from electric cars to autonomy.
Apr 22, 2024 // Transport, USA, TESLA, Elon Musk, North America
Ferrari and University of Bologna Launch E-Cells Lab
Ferrari teams up with University of Bologna and NXP to pioneer cutting-edge research in electrochemistry, shaping the future of automotive battery technology.
Apr 9, 2024 // Storage, Transport, Ferrari
Skydweller Aero Makes History with Solar-Powered Flight
Skydweller Aero makes history with the world's first successful autonomous flight of a large solar-powered aircraft, revolutionizing long-duration missions with zero carbon footprint.
Apr 5, 2024 // Transport, Skydweller Aero
Electric Cars: Global Tipping Point for Mass Adoption
Electric cars hit tipping point in 31 countries, with 5% of new car sales fully electric. Global EV market set for rapid growth as US and South Korea play catch up.
Mar 29, 2024 // Transport, USA, North America, Electric car
GoSun's ELCAT: The Affordable Solar Electric Boat You Need
Introducing the ELCAT, an inflatable catamaran-style electric boat by GoSun. With its compact size, impressive carrying capacity, and solar energy option, it's a game-changer in the boating world. Plus, check out the larger Splash model with customizable features for a smoother sailing experience.
Feb 1, 2024 // Transport, ELCAT, GoSun
Revolutionizing Solar Power: Lightweight Panels Transforming the Industry
Apollo Power revolutionizes solar energy with lightweight, flexible panels that can be placed anywhere. From car roofs to agricultural greenhouses, their innovative products are changing the game.
Feb 1, 2024 // Transport, Apollo Power, flexible solar panel
Electrifying Australian Trucks: The Key to Slashing Transport Emissions
New study reveals electric trucks as the top choice for slashing road transport emissions, with potential cuts of 75-85% over their lifespan. Hydrogen trucks lag behind, and their future remains uncertain.
Jan 19, 2024 // Transport, Australia, Oceania, truck
Squad Mobility's Solar-Powered EV: A Dream for Crowded Cities
Introducing the Solar City car: an affordable, clean, and compact solution for urban mobility. With its solar-powered design and nimble size, it's set to revolutionize city transportation.
Jan 15, 2024 // Transport, Squad Mobility, Robert Hoevers, Chris Klok
Solar Boats Shimmering on Chilika Lake: OREDA Tender
Deploy zero-emission solar boats on Chilika Lake! OREDA has issued a tender for up to 20-seater boats with comprehensive O&M, plus charging and battery management solutions. Bid before Jan 30. Tests and trials included.
Jan 3, 2024 // Transport, India, tender, Asia, OREDA, Chilika Lake solar
Electric Trailers: Tesla Alums Shake Up RVing
This new breed of electric travel trailer is set to hit the market in 2024. Developed by ex-Tesla and Apple staff, the trailer features long-lasting batteries, solar panels, and autonomous hitch capability. Perfect for remote work, energy backup, and camping, these trailers range from $109k to $151k. Get ready to hit the road and go off the grid.
Oct 27, 2023 // Transport, TESLA
Solar-Powered SUV Drives Morocco: From Mountain Peaks to Desert Dunes
Experience the future of driving: the world's first off-road solar-powered SUV designed by a team of Eindhoven University of Technology students, tested in Morocco. 710km range with a top speed of 145km/h, light-weight and ultra-efficient. Don't miss out!
Oct 17, 2023 // Transport, Africa, Morocco, Eindhoven University of Technology
Oxford PV Powers 'Green Thunder' at 2023 Solar Race
Oxford PV and Top Dutch Solar Racing team up to power the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with Oxford PV's perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells. Experience a 20% increase in power and watch the team race to the podium!
Oct 11, 2023 // Technology, Transport, solar cells, oxford pv, perovskite-on-silicon