Solar Residential News

Day by day, photovoltaic systems are becoming more affordable and consequently more popular. Apart from huge utility-scale solar farms and commercial stations, there are small PV plants for home use. Home solar electric systems are mounted on dwellings and residential buildings. Follow the updated news concerning residential solar installations. Also: Solar Installers Directory.

US Rooftop Solar Demand Drops, Production Capacity Soars
Despite a recent dip in residential solar installations, the US solar market is booming with record-breaking numbers and increased production capacity. Bright days ahead for renewable energy!
Jun 6, 2024 // Residential, Rooftop PV, USA, North America
US Invests $71M in Solar Manufacturing Innovation
DOE invests $71 million in solar manufacturing to boost domestic production, create new markets, and accelerate commercialization of innovative technologies. IRA and tariffs support U.S. clean energy growth.
May 20, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, USA, North America, doe
Best portable solar power generators
Compare top list of portable solar power stations. An energy backup is often required, especially during power cuts and energy shortages.
May 1, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, Storage, Bluetti, solar power stations, solar energy backup, solar power portable stations, Point Zero, Lycan, EcoFlow, Jackery, Tacklife, Anker, Renogy, ITEHIL
Best Solar Power Banks and Solar Chargers: Top 13 to Consider
Solar power banks and solar chargers are perfect for saving your power bills. They are eco-friendly and have no fumes. The units are useful for recharging your cell phones, cameras, and laptops. They come in handy during electricity outages. Their folding panels make them very portable.
May 1, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, Storage
Best Solar Powered Security Cameras
Integrating solar energy into your security cameras is the most innovative way to secure your home or office. It is a less costly option when monitoring assets remotely.The cameras use the free energy from the sun and are pollution-free. Each solar security camera is fitted with a battery.
Apr 27, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential
Best Solar Lights for Yard
Solar lights for yard are efficient for lighting outdoor spaces. They are perfect for creating a beautiful and elegant space to entertain your guests. The best solar lights for yard stand out as a perfect lighting option that lets you find your footing in the dark.
Apr 27, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, KUXY, Kuluzego, ZQDDBA, MQSHUHENMY, Lsotier, WallDector, Homlpope
Best Outdoor Solar Lights
Outdoor solar lights are a gem for powering outdoor spaces in an eco-friendly way. Some outdoor solar lights carry decorative elements that enhance your landscape's aesthetics. The solar lights are lightweight, making portability and installation hassle-free.
Apr 22, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, BRIGHTRIGHT, Brightech Ambience, WELALO, SEZAC, Tuffenough
Best Solar Panels for Campers
Looking forward to the next camping experience? Solar panels for campers are important devices to carry along to keep you powered at every stage. They will help you remain eco-friendly too. Never miss out on having the right equipment to make it a lifetime experience. Let's get into the details!
Apr 17, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, Goal Zero, PHASFBJ, KFHKW, XINPUGUANG, AIZYR
Best Solar Powered Doorbells
Solar powered doorbells are replacing traditional doorbell systems due to their superior functionalities. With solar charging features and cutting-edge technology, the solar powered doorbells have improved functionalities, including smart control. They are eco-friendly and readily available, making them easy to find for a perfect home companion.
Apr 6, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, Solar, Solar Doorbells, Ring, MEKO, Qnigle, Racsoh, Pikewear
Best Solar Powered Irrigation Timers
Solar powered irrigation timers are ideal installations for sustainable irrigation systems where there is no permanent energy source. Acquire the best solar powered irrigation timers to run sprinkler systems at construction sites, backyard lawns, or road meridians.
Apr 6, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Residential, Solar, solar irrigation controller, solar powered watering timer, solar powered watering system, solar irrigation timers
Swiss Satellites Repurposed: Solar Powerhouse in the Alps
Use obsolete satellite antennas to generate clean energy - Discover how two Swiss companies in the town of Leuk are repurposing these antennas into giant solar panels. Each one can provide 25 households with power and measures 32 meters in diameter. Located 1,000 meters above sea level for optimal sunlight, this project could help offset the predicted 50 terawatt hour energy shortfall in Switzerland.
Oct 20, 2023 // Residential, Europe, Switzerland
Obton to Build 15-MWp Solar Plant in Sweden
Obton, a leading solar energy developer and investor, is set to build its first solar park in Sweden with 15MWp capacity. June 2021 marks the start of the project, with completion in 2025. Obton is overseeing studies, financing and construction, with plans for further solar projects in Sweden. With over 1.7 GWp of PV projects and 3.5 billion EUR in assets, Obton is a leader in the solar industry.
Sep 26, 2023 // Plants, Commercial, Residential, Sweden, Europe, obton, PV Power Plant
Renogy Launches X PowerTower: Energy Independence Now
Renogy X, a residential energy storage division, is launching an innovative system with expandable storage, an integrated inverter, and an EV charger. The PowerTower and EV charger make installation and use easy for homeowners, launching in May 2024.
Sep 8, 2023 // Residential, Storage, Renogy
FranklinWH Closes USD-25m Investment Round
FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc., a US residential energy storage systems (ESS) company, has raised USD 25 million (EUR 23.1m) in Series B funds. Particle Future led the round to enhance R&D, optimize supply chain, and expand operations and sales network. Franklin Home Power integrates solar, battery, grid and generator power sources. Founded in 2019 and funded by Sequoia Capital. Gary Lam says the new capital will make renewable energy options more accessible.
Aug 25, 2023 // Residential, Markets & Finance News, Storage, USA, North America, FranklinWH
EIB provides EUR 200m for residential, SMEs solar projects in Brazil
The European Investment Bank (EIB) revealed on Friday it is giving a EUR-200-million (USD 215.2 m) lending to Sicredi, a Brazilian participating banks, to fund the application of solar systems on homes, small as well as medium-sized companies, as well as rural properties.
Jun 5, 2023 // Residential, Markets & Finance News, South america, Brazil, eib, Solar Project