Major solar energy suppliers, specialists, analysts, scientists and researchers share their opinions and forecasts regarding the solar industry state and prospects. What challenges does sustainable energy face? What are the benefits of using clean energy sources? How to maximize the profit? Become familiar with expert opinions and predictions.

Brand-new markets for old batteries
The enhanced necessity for the automobile market to handle the disposal of EV batteries in the mid-term future will certainly work as a driver for the arising second-life battery market, creates Abhishek Sampat, Principal Analyst at Delta-EE. Car manufacturers, as well as possibly 3rd parties, are anticipated to manipulate brand-new worth streams as well as a second-life market is anticipated to drive down prices for fixed power storage space, with little to no concession in high quality throughout individual.
Feb 20, 2020 // Storage, Opinions, battery, WORLD, Abhishek Sampat, Delta-EE
Reviewing bifacial project business economics
Bifacial solar module innovation will certainly discover valuable application in a substantial variety of solar power nuclear power plant, according to a technological evaluation performed by ArcVera Renewables. While marketed 25% or better gains in power return are not likely for a lot of projects, regular project power manufacturing gains are 3-10%. Evaluation discovers that lots of projects under the analysis of notified technological due persistance, appropriate dimension as well as website layout, will certainly gain significant internet existing worth.
Feb 19, 2020 // Opinions, bifacial, solar module, WORLD
2020 module market projection
According to PV InfoLink's data source, JinkoSolar covered the 2019 positions for worldwide module deliveries with about 14 GW-- much greater than any one of its opponents. Especially, this is not the very first time Jinko has actually safeguarded the No. 1 area; it has actually stayed clear of sliding from the top as a lot of its precursors performed in the sector's earlier years. The firm is adhered to by JA Solar and also Trina Solar (each delivery greater than 10 GW), and after that Longi, Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q Cells, Risen Energy, Suntech, Astronergy, and also Talesun.
Feb 18, 2020 // Opinions, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, PV module, Risen Energy, Trina Solar, LONGi, Hanwha Q Cells, WORLD, Talesun, Suntech, Astronergy
Out with old inverters, in with the brand-new
International need for substitute inverters will likely expand by virtually 40% to get to 8.7 GW in 2020, as a huge and also broadening mounted base old solar PV setups drives implementation, creates Miguel De Jesus of IHS Markit.
Feb 13, 2020 // Inverters, Opinions, USA, IHS Markit, Europe, Asia, pv inverters, North America, Miguel De Jesus
The First Phase of the Transition is About Electricity, Not Primary Energy
Jan 31, 2020 // Opinions, Market Research, First Solar, Seb Henbest
Harmful lead in photovoltaics – are there sustainable alternatives?
Without globally unified standards in waste management, the risk from toxic materials such as lead will become increasingly important.
Jan 17, 2020 // Opinions, Stephan Kube, Susanne Müller, HELIATEK
This New Tech Could Make A Solar Toyota Prius Practical
2020 is the year we are going to see some incredible things. This new solar technology is going to change everything we know about solar charging. Here is what it could mean for the solar Prius of the future.
Jan 2, 2020 // Technology, Opinions, Transport, USA, Toyota, North America, Michigan State University, Peter Neilson, Prius
European Green Deal promises better products – and ecodesign shows the way to making it happen
The European Green Deal needs better and longer-lasting products, and that includes solar panels, says ECOS, the environmental NGO specialising in ecodesign and standardisation.
Dec 23, 2019 // Opinions, Europe, European Green Deal
Solar, wind and hydro power could soon surpass coal
Coal, long the king of America’s electric grid, will soon get toppled by renewable energy.
Nov 28, 2019 // Grids, Opinions, USA, Donald Trump, North America, coal, PJ Deschenes, Dennis Wamsted
COP, climate, class struggle?
The World Climate Summit in Santiago de Chile, set to be held in just a few weeks, has just been cancelled. Against a background of social protests in the country, concerns have recently grown as to whether logistics and security could be guaranteed for the event. Nevertheless, social problems and environmental protection must not be played off against each other: Both are closely linked to the economic paradigms of recent decades.
Nov 1, 2019 // Opinions, Chile, South america, Stephan Franz
Towards circular business models for the PV sector
With solar energy about to reach the iconic terawatt (TW) milestone of globally installed PV capacity, waste handling and end-of-life (EoL) scenarios become a pressing matter.
Nov 1, 2019 // Opinions, pv modules, Europe, CIRCUSOL
Elon Musk: Unfortunately, it's hard to google Tesla solar links due to tons of ads & SEO
Elon Musk, the co-founder of SpaceX, PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity and the list goes on and on, said on Twitter that it is hard to go to Google and find Tesla's solar roof panels. He said "Unfortunately, it’s hard to google Tesla solar links due to tons of ads & SEO."
Oct 29, 2019 // Residential, Opinions, Rooftop PV, TESLA, Elon Musk, SolarCity, Twitter
Political uncertainties and market speculation
After several years of stagnation, Spain has started to see a revival in its PV market, writes IHS Markit’s Maria Chea. The country’s newfound growth has been due to a combination of tender and private PPA projects, along with decreasing component costs.
Oct 29, 2019 // Markets & Finance, Opinions, Spain, Europe, auction, enel green power, x-elio, PV market, Maria Chea, ACS Cobra, Northleaf
The race has only just begun
The Australian utility-scale PV and wind industries have just gone through a record two years of construction and commissioning. More specifically, writes Rystad Energy’s David Dixon, utility-scale PV has transformed from a megawatt-scale market to one measured in gigawatts. The resultant boom in utility-scale PV in the country has attracted developers, EPCs and OEMs, from at home and across the globe.
Oct 25, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Opinions, Canadian Solar, Australia, utility-scale PV, oceania, Soltec, Ideematec, arctech solar, David Dixon, Exosun