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Solar energy is a promising sector both from the point of view of eco-friendliness and investment. We present the list of solar stocks with the best value, the optimal momentum, and the highest revenue growth. The data updates daily after the stock market closes, so you can always find fresh information in our listing.

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Demand for renewable energy sources in the world market is constantly growing. It is due to the limited resources, as well as striving of developed nations for reduction of harmful emissions released by conventional fossil fuels such as oil, gas, coal, and others. Advancements in automation technologies and reduced production costs make solar and other renewable energy sources more affordable with every coming year.  Many investors think of solar energy stocks as an attractive long-term investment vehicle. In case of proper selection of stock issuer, such investments can bring considerable revenue in a few years. Let us consider how promising such an investment option can be. As the world is shifting toward eco-friendly products and production, every solar company has its own history. Some of them have raised high, while others trail far behind. A few solar companies got listed on the stock exchange, starting from the turn of the century.  Eco-friendly investors as well as the ones who predict the ever-growing demand for solar energy are eager to invest in solar stocks. But there are plenty of solar stock options, which makes it a difficult choice.  We will help you take the proper decision, based on daily stock value statistics presented below. In the table, we compare the companies whose activities are associated with solar energy: energy generation and manufacturing of materials or equipment for solar installations. 


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