North America

EDF Renewables' Bonanza Project: Powering Nevada's Future
EDF Renewables secures 20-year PPA with SCPPA for solar and battery storage project in Nevada, supporting transition to carbon-free energy future.
Feb 28, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, North America, EDF Renewables
US Solar Importers Face Scrutiny Amid China Labor Crackdown
Department of Homeland Security ramps up scrutiny on solar companies, targeting Chinese forced labor. Are you prepared to prove your supply chain's integrity?
Feb 27, 2024 // Markets & Finance News, USA, China, Asia, North America
Panasonic Energy & H&T: Powering EVs with Li-ion Cans
Panasonic Energy partners with H&T Recharge to supply lithium-ion battery cans for safe EV production in North America, enhancing productivity and quality for a sustainable future.
Feb 27, 2024 // Storage, North America, Panasonic Energy & H&T
Enel's Fence Post: Texas Solar + Storage Success
Enel North America's Fence Post project in Texas, with solar + storage, supports Polaris' sustainability goals and commitment to renewable energy. A win-win for clean energy!
Feb 23, 2024 // Plants, Storage, USA, Enel, North America, PV Power Plant
Verizon-backed Texas Solar Park Powers Up
Clearway Energy Group's Texas Solar Nova park, powered by 1.1 million panels, helps Verizon reach renewable energy goals while attracting major off-takers like SKF AB and Toyota Boshoku America Inc.
Feb 23, 2024 // Plants, USA, North America, PV Power Plant, Clearway Energy Group
Greenalia's $200M Boost: US Renewable Energy Expansion Accelerates
Greenalia secures $200 million for US renewable projects, accelerating shift towards sustainable energy sources. Nomura Securities International leads financing round, marking Greenalia's expansion in North America.
Feb 19, 2024 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, USA, North America, Greenalia
Soltec Secures Major US Solar Project with Blue Ridge Power
Soltec Power Holdings secures contract to supply its efficient SF7 trackers for a 164 MW solar project in Virginia, enhancing construction efficiency and reducing costs.
Feb 16, 2024 // Plants, USA, North America, Soltec
New Mexico Co-op Partners with Guzman Energy for Solar-Battery Project
New Mexico's Kit Carson Electric Cooperative partners with Guzman Energy for an 11 MW solar project with battery storage, expanding their local solar fleet and supporting the community's vision for clean energy.
Feb 16, 2024 // Plants, Storage, USA, North America, New Mexico
Onyx and Qcells Partner to Power Massachusetts with Solar
Join Onyx Renewable Partners and Qcells North America in their mission to create a sustainable future with two community solar and battery projects in Massachusetts, providing clean energy to 700 homes and offsetting carbon emissions.
Feb 16, 2024 // Plants, USA, Massachusetts, North America, Qcells, Onyx
Greenbacker Capital Management Powers Up Utah's Largest Solar Farm
Greenbacker Capital Management launches its largest clean energy asset, the 200-MW Appaloosa Solar 1 solar farm, expected to eliminate 395,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions in its first year.
Feb 15, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, Utah, North America, PV Power Plant, Greenbacker Capital Management
Solar Shines on US Farms as Wind Power Slows
Solar installations on US farms have surged by 30% in the past five years, outpacing wind turbine growth. President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act and rural energy grid challenges fuel further expansion.
Feb 14, 2024 // Plants, USA, North America, PV Power Plant
Standard Solar Expands Illinois Community Solar Portfolio with 84 MW Acquisition
Standard Solar expands its community solar portfolio in Illinois with the acquisition of 14 projects, showcasing their success in a challenging economic landscape.
Feb 13, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, North America, Standard Solar, Maryland, PV Power Plant
US Solar Manufacturer CubicPV Abandons 10GW Plant Amidst Collapsing Prices
US solar manufacturer CubicPV abandons plans for 10GW solar wafer facility due to collapsing prices and high costs. Focus shifts to module development and partnership with Waaree Energies. Meyer Burger and REC Silicon also face challenges in Europe and US.
Feb 9, 2024 // Manufacturing News, USA, meyer burger, wafer, North America, REC Silicon, CubicPV
Microsoft Partners with Recurrent Energy for Louisiana Solar Project
Recurrent Energy secures $160M financing for Bayou Galion Solar project in Louisiana, with Microsoft purchasing all energy to support its carbon-negative goal. Louisiana set to become a major player in solar energy with projected 3,000 MW increase.
Feb 7, 2024 // Plants, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, USA, Microsoft, North America, Louisiana
Liquid Crystals Revolutionize Perovskite Solar Cells, Achieving 26% Efficiency
Researchers discover liquid crystals' temperature-responsive properties, improving efficiency of perovskite solar cells by 22% and paving the way for larger-scale renewable energy generation.
Feb 5, 2024 // Technology, USA, solar cell, perovskite, North America, efficiency, Northwestern Chemistry and Northwestern Engineering