87 percent of Germany's PV imports 2022 originated from China
Around 87 percent of German imports for photovoltaic or pv systems came from individuals's Republic of China in 2022.
Mar 2, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Germany, China, Europe, Asia
Researchers use alkylammonium chlorides to regulate development of perovskite layers as well as achieve 26.08% effectiveness PSC
Scientists at South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Chonnam National University and also Pohang University of Science and also Technology (POSTECH) have actually created a special perovskite solar cell that utilizes alkylammonium chloride (RACI) to regulate the development of defects in the perovskite layer.
Mar 2, 2023 // Technology, South Korea, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, UNIST, POSTECH, Chonnam National University, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Triveni Glass to Institute Solar Glass Manufacturing Plant in Andhra Pradesh
The said plant will be set up in Pangidi in East Godavari district of the state. The firm anticipates to create 2,000 tasks from the project.
Mar 1, 2023 // Manufacturing News, India, Asia, solar glass, solar projects, Interfloat, Borosil Renewables, Global Investors’ Summit, hybrid projects with storage, Triveni Glass, Varun Gupta, wind-solar projects, Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy
Researchers elevate the performance of an inverted perovskite solar cell via combined solvent vapor annealing method based on ethylenediamine (EDA).
Scientists from the University of Konstanz in Germany, Quaid-i-Azam University and Kohsar University Murree in Pakistan and Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China have actually fabricated an inverted perovskite solar cell with a passivation technique utilizing a mixed solvent vapor annealing technique based on ethylenediamine (EDA).
Feb 28, 2023 // Technology, Germany, Europe, Asia, Pakistan, efficiency, perovskite solar cell, University of Konstanz, Quaid-i-Azam Universit, Kohsar University Murree
Hebrew University Researchers Develop Flexible, Inkjet-Printed Semitransparent Solar Cells
Researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel have developed a new type of flexible, semitransparent solar cell through inkjet printing. This technology advances the use of photovoltaics in existing windows and offers higher efficiency and improved mechanical properties.
Feb 28, 2023 // Technology, solar cells, Asia, Israel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Husk Power is First to Cross 200 Minigrids Milestone Across Asia as well as Africa
Industry pioneer currently balancing 16 new minigrids monthly. It currently leads worldwide in regards to variety of tiny grids released.
Feb 27, 2023 // Grids, Asia, Africa, Husk Power, Manoj Sinha, mini grids, largest mini grids firm
Masdar Inaugurates 200MW Baynouna Solar Park in Jordan
Masdar, in partnership with the Jordanian government, has formally inaugurated the 200-megawatt Baynouna Solar Park – the largest clean energy project in Jordan. The project will provide access to clean energy, create jobs and ensure economic growth.
Feb 27, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Masdar, Jordan, Asia, Solar Park
Japanese airport plans 180-MW solar project with Tokyo Gas
Narita International Airport Corp (NAA), driver of the airport in Japan's Chiba prefecture, is planning a 180-MW solar project to be created by a new 50/50 joint venture with gas utility Tokyo Gas Co Ltd (TYO:9531).
Feb 23, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Japan, Asia, Solar Project
GCL SI Unveils 12-GW Solar Module Factory in China
Chinese photovoltaics company GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd is investing CNY 2 billion to construct a 12-GW solar module factory in Jiangsu province, a move that could have a significant impact on the global photovoltaic industry.
Feb 21, 2023 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, solar module, GCL SI
Scientists raise the photoresponsivity of a lead-halide perovskite by 250%.
Researchers from Korea's Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Rochester in the U.S, and The Australian National University have actually boosted the photoresponsivity of a lead-halide perovskite for solar cell applications by 250%. They developed a perovskite film with a plasmonic substrate made from hyperbolic metamaterial and characterized it with transition dipole orientation.
Feb 20, 2023 // Technology, Asia, Korea, solar cell, perovskite, IBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Australian National University, Institute for Basic Science, University of Rochester in the U.S
Shunfeng to Invest $1.53bn to Build 10-GW Solar Cell Factory in Anhui, China
Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd, the parent company of Wuxi Suntech Power Co Ltd, has announced plans to invest INR 10.5 billion (USD 1.53bn/EUR 1.43bn) to set up a 10-GW TopCon solar cell factory in Anhui, China.
Feb 20, 2023 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, solar cell, Shunfeng
China's Growatt ushers in solar inverter manufacturing facility in Vietnam
Chinese company Growatt revealed today the inauguration of the very first phase of its factory in Vietnam where it will be producing solar as well as storage space inverters, as well as storage batteries.
Feb 17, 2023 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, Vietnam, Growatt
Saudi Arabia introduces world's largest solar-power plant
On November 30th ACWA Power, a local energies firm, authorized an agreement with Water and Electricity Holding Company (Badeel) to build the globe's biggest single-site solar-power plant in Al Shuaibah, Mecca province.
Feb 17, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Saudi Arabia, Asia, ACWA Power, PV Power Plant
Macquarie seeking sale of 450-MW solar portfolio in India
Macquarie Asset Management is seeking to offer a 450-MW portfolio of solar projects in India in a manage an equity value of some USD 250 million (EUR 235.1 m), The Mint reports.
Feb 17, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, India, Asia, macquarie, solar portfolio
Bridgestone launches solar arrays at tyre factories in Japan
Japanese vehicle parts manufacturer Bridgestone Corp (TYO:5108) has actually started the operation of roof solar systems with a combined capacity of 5.8 MW at two tyre production plants.
Feb 17, 2023 // Plants, Rooftop PV, Japan, Asia, Bridgestone