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Queensland's Solar Panel Recycling Scheme: Turning Waste into Opportunity
Queensland's innovative USD 3.6 million pilot programme recycles solar panels, reducing landfill waste and creating new jobs in the renewable energy sector.
Apr 16, 2024 // Manufacturing News, queensland, solar panel, recycling
Vietnam Shines Bright: 14 GW Solar Panel Deal
Chinese solar giants flock to Vietnam, investing billions in manufacturing hubs to bypass trade restrictions and secure a strong foothold in the global solar market.
Apr 8, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Jinko Solar, Asia, solar panel, Vietnam
India's Luminous Shines Bright with Solar Panel Factory
Experience the future of solar energy with Luminous Power Technologies' cutting-edge 250-MW solar panel factory in Uttarakhand, set to revolutionize the industry.
Apr 1, 2024 // Manufacturing News, India, Asia, solar panel, Luminous
Rejuvenating Old Solar Panels: NTU Spin-Off Revives Energy Efficiency
EtaVolt's new technology brings quick and affordable rejuvenation to solar panels, restoring performance & preventing degradation for up to 5 years. Suitable for most solar modules & both indoor & outdoor use with added smart recycling services.
Dec 26, 2023 // Technology, Asia, solar panel, Singapore, efficiency, NTU Singapore
Rain Not Enough: Pollen Reduces Solar Performance
Discover how NREL and Solar Unsoiled are tackling the issue of pollen and bio-soiling on solar panels in the Southeastern US. A 10-year study finds that frequent rains are not enough to keep the panels clean and prevent financial losses.
Dec 19, 2023 // Technology, USA, NREL, solar panel, North America
Solar Panels on Canals: Water-Energy Win-Win
Discover how two pioneering projects are merging energy production with water conservation to preserve agricultural land and conserve energy. Get the details on Project Nexus in California and the Gila River Indian Community project in Arizona.
Nov 29, 2023 // Technology, USA, solar panel, North America
Smashing Solar Panels: Recycling to Save From Landfills
Help save the planet and the environment with We Recycle Solar. This four-year-old startup recycles solar panels instead of sending them to landfills, with a goal of processing 1 million panels by year-end. They're already making a difference and preparing for the future by seeking funding to expand across the US. Join the mission to save the planet!
Oct 25, 2023 // Technology, solar panel, recycling
Revolutionizing Color & Solar Tech
A revolutionary optical coating developed by Case Western Reserve University physicists to extend solar panel life, increase data storage & improve anti-counterfeiting measures. Collaborators from MIT, the University of Arizona & University of Rochester applied findings from Italian physicist Ugo Fano to produce vivid, pure colors. Published in Nature Communications.
Oct 2, 2023 // Technology, solar panel, Case Western Reserve University, Giuseppe Strangi
First Solar Breaks Ground in LA: 3500MW Expansion by 2026
First Solar has broken ground on a record-breaking $1.1bn PV panel manufacturing facility in Louisiana. The facility, expected to start commercial shipments by the first half of 2026, will create 500 construction jobs and increase the company's nameplate manufacturing capacity by 3500MW.
Sep 22, 2023 // Manufacturing News, USA, First Solar, solar panel, North America, Louisiana
Trina Launches 5-GW US Solar Factory
Trina Solar is building the largest single-site silicon solar panel factory in the US, creating 1,500 jobs and investing over $200 million. Producing Vertex modules with 210-mm wafers, the 1 million-sq-ft facility is set to come online in 2024. Be part of the US solar market revolution with Trina Solar's 25+ years of experience and 150 GW of modules shipped worldwide.
Sep 12, 2023 // Manufacturing News, USA, solar panel, silicon, Trina Solar, North America
Heliene Expands to Minnesota: 1-GW Solar Plant, 1.5-GW Cell Factory
Heliene, a Canadian solar panel manufacturer, is expanding its operations to Minnesota, investing $145 million to build a 1GW solar panel and 1.5GW solar cell manufacturing plant. Production will begin in 2024/2025, with updates to existing facilities also taking place. Learn more about Heliene's ambitious expansion to the Midwest.
Jul 25, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Canada, solar cell, solar panel, North America, heliene
AI-Designed Solar Panels: Israel's Promise To Climate
Discover the groundbreaking research from Bar-Ilan University to reduce carbon emissions with new, AI-powered solar panels. Their panels are highly efficient and cost-effective, recently presented to VP Kamala Harris by President Herzog.
Jul 24, 2023 // Technology, Asia, Israel, solar panel
Trucks Take Solar: EnFoil’s Flexible Panels
EnFoil, a European startup, is revolutionizing the solar industry with their innovative 2mm thick CIGS-based flexible solar panels. With an efficiency of 17% and 150 Wp/m², talks to integrate their panels onto truck roofs have begun. The European Research Council has supported this project and UHasselt is recruiting a researcher - a recognition of the product's potential.
Jul 24, 2023 // Technology, Transport, Europe, solar panel, Hasselt University
Harness Raindrops: Solar-Powered TENGs
Harvest clean, renewable energy from raindrops with new bridge array generator - researchers propose a 5x increase in power output compared to conventional TENGs.
Jul 20, 2023 // Technology, solar panel, Tsinghua University
Maxeon Plants Solar Future in Mexico
Maxeon Solar Technologies' $70 million investment in a Mexicali solar panel manufacturing plant has increased annual production capacity to 1.8 GW, with plans for a US manufacturing hub in the works. Discover the details of this tariff-free supply for the US market.
Jun 28, 2023 // Manufacturing News, solar panel, Mexico, North America, Maxeon