Lithium ion Battery

Redwood Materials Obtains $2 Billion Federal Funds For EV Battery Materials Plant
With the new facility development in Nevada, USA, Redwood Materials will certainly create vital Electric Vehicle Battery Components from recycled products. The center will support production of anode copper foil and cathode active products by recycling end-of-life battery and also manufacturing scrap and remanufacturing that feedstock into vital materials.
Feb 13, 2023 // Storage, lithium, Lithium ion Battery, Redwood Materials, U.S Department of Energy, Cobalt, Nickel, critical EV materials, EV market, recycling battery, Tesla Gigafactory
Honda, GS Yuasa Collaborate for Lithium-Ion Battery Development
Honda as well as GS Yuasa will certainly talk about specifics with the goal of developing a joint venture company by the end of 2023. The two firms agreed to work toward the joint research and development of lithium-ion batteries as well as battery manufacturing methods.
Jan 24, 2023 // Storage, honda, Lithium ion Battery, research and development, Electric Mobility, battery for EV, GS Yuasa International, Honda Motor, Innovation and Growth, joint venture company, Osamu Murao, Toshihiro Mibe
Exicom to Supply 5L Battery Management Systems to Hero Electric
Exicom stated that its BMS has actually utilized various ingenious technologies around remote health monitoring. Hero Electric wants to offer the most safe and ideal carrying out battery systems in its EVs.
Jan 4, 2023 // Storage, EV, Lithium ion Battery, Anant Nahata, Electric Two-Wheelers, BMS, Electric Vehicle Charger, Exicom, Hero Electric, Sohinder Singh Gill, SoX algorithms
Sila: Leading Clean Transition With Silicon Anode-Lithium-ion Batteries
Sila Nanotechnologies creates silicon anode for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries By 2028, the firm aims to increase the plant for manufacturing to power 2-10 million EVs/year
Jan 2, 2023 // Storage, doe, canada pension plan investment board, Lithium ion Battery, Coatue, US department of energy, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, National Science Foundation, Sila Nanotechnologies, Sutter Hill Ventures
Natrion Demonstrates Solid-State Feasibility with Lithium EV Battery Cells
Natrion disclosed information on the efficiency of its copyrighted compounds in lithium-metal anode pouch cells. Natrion said that its information may be the initial as well as just known instance of a high cycle life and high C-rate with zero additional stack pressure.
Oct 28, 2022 // Storage, lithium, electric vehicle, Lithium ion Battery, Alex Kosyakov, LISIC278, Natrion, Li-metal cell technology, lithium-metal anode, M3, solid electrolyte interphase
Exide Energy To Set Up Li-Ion Battery Production In Bengaluru
SVOLT will certainly grant Exide the right and certificate to use, exploit and commercialise essential technology and expertise possessed by SVOLT for lithium-ion cell production in India. And the new manufacturing organization by Exide will certainly be accomplished by producing a new SPV in the form of a subsidiary that will be totally possessed by Exide.
Jul 29, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Storage, clean energy, storage, Lithium ion Battery, Bengaluru, Exide industries, Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board, SVOLT, SVOLT Energy Technology Co Ltd
Meta Materials as well as Coulometrics Join Hands to Develop Next-Generation Batteries
The collaboration with Coulometrics has as one of its goals the roll-to-roll anode manufacture with META's unique PLASMAfusion film-based, coated copper present collector gadgets, designed to deliver the performance of strong copper foil while greatly lowering the component weight.
Jul 6, 2022 // Storage, clean energy, Li-ion batteries, Lithium ion Battery, International, green energy, battery applications, Coulometrics, Meta Materials
Energy Dome Launches First CO2 Battery Long-Duration Energy Storage Plant
Energy Dome which is based in Italy released a commercial long-duration energy storage modern technology plant in Sardinia on the 8th of June 2022.
Jun 13, 2022 // Storage, Lithium ion Battery, green energy, Grid-connected battery storage, Li-Ion Storage
Epsilon Gets Certified as Anode Precursor Provider for Li-ion Batteries
Epsilon gets preliminary order for its Anode precursor material and efficiently certifies as a vendor in the worldwide Li-ion battery supply chain
Feb 16, 2021 // Storage, USA, Europe, North America, Lithium ion Battery, EVs, Anode Precursor, Epsilon, PLI scheme, Vikram Handa
IBM Research Discovers new Battery That Could Trump Li-ion
IBM Research has unveiled a new battery that could help eliminate the need for heavy metals in production and surpass the capabilities of Li-ion batteries
Jan 3, 2020 // Technology, Storage, battery, IBM Research, Lithium ion Battery