Meta Materials as well as Coulometrics Join Hands to Develop Next-Generation Batteries

Jul 6, 2022 04:45 PM ET
  • The collaboration with Coulometrics has as one of its goals the roll-to-roll anode manufacture with META's unique PLASMAfusion film-based, coated copper present collector gadgets, designed to deliver the performance of strong copper foil while greatly lowering the component weight.

Canada-based wise products programmer, Meta Materials has actually recently introduced partnership with lithium-ion battery material growth company, Coulometrics. Through this partnership, Meta Materials will independently evaluate its system technologies for battery applications as well as make it much more effective next-generation batteries.

President & Chief Executive Officer of Meta Materials, George Palikaras mentioned, "With the current strategic purchases of Plasma App and Optodot, along with our roll-to-roll high volume thin-film covering production plant in Quebec, we currently have capacities to make Li-ion batteries more secure as well as extra effective. We are enjoyed be dealing with distinguished battery designer Coulometrics. META as well as Coulometrics will certainly work together to develop as well as test the safety and security and also efficiency of our brand-new battery modern technologies, which we believe will enable a brand-new generation of more secure lithium-ion batteries, leveraging Dr. Buiel's 28 years of experience as well as state-of-the-art materials synthesis as well as battery assembly facility."

META's proprietary thermal-isolation modern technology has been used to separate interior short circuits in metal-coated polymer existing collection agencies made by PLASMAfusion. Cells that utilize metal-coated polymer present collection agencies show reduced bulk (up to 95% less copper or aluminum) and manufacturing prices, as well as a lower threat of thermal runaway during nail penetration.

META has actually built partnerships with significant OEMs as well as tier 1 product companies to give modern technologies that will certainly secure Li-ion batteries in a selection of applications. These modern technologies will function combined with META's second-generation NPORE nanocomposite ceramic separators.

The partnership with Coulometrics seeks roll-to-roll anode manufacture with META's unique PLASMAfusion film-based, covered copper current enthusiast tools, developed to deliver the performance of strong copper foil while substantially reducing the component weight.

Cell building and construction as well as characterization examinations making use of META's unique NPORE ceramic nanoporous separator materials, which provide exceptional warmth resistance as well as better efficiency for increased battery security. The boosted safety and security profile of batteries constructed with NPORE separators and also covered copper current enthusiasts has actually been accomplished with safety testing, which entails nail penetration, hot box testing, and also crushes screening.

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