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Organic dopants for a stable perovskite
Researchers at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have demonstrated a method they say could improve the stability of perovskite structures. The group found adding an organic dopant served to increase the strength of chemical bonds between organic and inorganic elements of a perovskite.
Nov 15, 2019 // Technology, Saudi Arabia, Asia, perovskite, KAUST, Aleksandra Oranskaia
What is wrong with Fe photovoltaic cells
Scientists at Swedish Lund University are exploring the process due to which about a third of Fe-based solar cells’ energy is wasted. Identifying the way charge loss happens, they insist, is going to be the initial move toward solving the problem and creating high-efficiency photovoltaic cells of cheap and available material.
Nov 14, 2019 // Technology, Sweden, Europe, PV cells, Lund University
Three steps to fast-charging potassium batteries
Scientists led by Moscow’s Skolkovo Institute of Technology have drawn upon several of their recent battery material innovations to create a potassium-ion device. The institute says its development will pave the way for ultrafast and durable, high capacity metal-ion batteries, to supply rising demand for energy storage innovations.
Nov 14, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Storage, Lithium-ion batteries, Pavel Troshin, Skoltech, Europe, Asia, Russia, Moscow, Roman Kapaev, Philipp Obrezkov
German research team sets up a record for solar module efficiency
Research team from a few German institutes, together with South-China-based University of Technology, breaks a conversion efficiency record for organic photovoltaic modules. The 26 sq cm module consisting of 12 cells shows 12.6 per cent efficiency. The achievement is registered by Fraunhofer ISE.
Nov 13, 2019 // Technology, Germany, China, Europe, Asia, PV module
MiaSolé sets a new record for large flexible CIGS cells
The American subsidiary of Hanergy Holding has set up a new efficiency record for large-scale thin-film PV module. The recorded figure is 18.64 per cent on a unit with a 1.08 sq m opening. The achievement has been registered by German Fraunhofer ISE.
Nov 12, 2019 // Technology, USA, Miasolé, PV module, thin-film, North America, flexible CIGS cells
Newly developed material for radiative cooling of photovoltaics
The researchers from Spain have developed a material claimed to provide radiative cooling as well as self-purification of e-devices which are subject to critical heating when operating, such as photovoltaic cells. The heat emitter allows decreasing the day-hours temp of the silicon substrate by about 14 degrees C.
Nov 12, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Spain, Europe, photovoltaic, radiative cooling
Orderly disorder: Cambridge scientists make surprising perovskite discovery
Researchers have made a finding they say could vastly simplify and reduce the production cost of perovskite solar cells. Working with mixed halide perovskites, the group found a disordered chemical composition can improve device efficiency.
Nov 12, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, UK, solar cells, Europe, perovskite, Cambridge University, crystalline silicon PV, Sascha Feldmann, Stuart MacPherson, Sam Stranks
Flixbus plans hydrogen buses on long-distance routes
Parent company FlixMobility plans to test hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Europe.
Nov 12, 2019 // Technology, Storage, Transport, Germany, China, Europe, Asia, BYD, FlixMobility, hydrogen fuel cell buses, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, André Schwämmlein, Yutong, Claus Möhlenkamp
New metallization tech to reduce microcracks in solar cells
A U.S. research group has developed a metal-carbon-nanotube composite – MetZilla – which can be embedded in commercial, screen-printable silver pastes and is said to reduce the formation of hotspots in solar modules and to prolong panel lifespan. The composite metal contacts are also ‘self-healing’ as they are able to regain electrical continuity after cycles of complete electrical failure caused by extreme strain.
Nov 12, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, pv modules, North America, University of New Mexico, MetZilla, metal-carbon-nanotube, composite, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Osazda Energy LLC
NASA is launching a solar power generation prototype created in Israel into space
Next year, NASA is planning to forward a Ben-Gurion-created photovoltaic prototype to International Space Station, which is supposed to become a huge move toward nongovernmental individual space operations, as was stated in Tazpit Press Service.
Nov 11, 2019 // Technology, USA, NASA, Asia, Israel, North America, J.Gordon
Solar cells made of fully inorganic perovskite materials show higher durability
As William Marsh Rice research university scientists say, PSC can be manufactured under outdoor conditions, remain intact during months and have an efficiency exceeding 12 per cent, in case we use In instead of part of plumbum. Such an alteration will as well diminish defects that give negative impact to the solar panel bandgap.
Nov 8, 2019 // Technology, perovskite, William Marsh Rice research university, PSC, efficiency
New principles of material selection for lithium-sulfur batts
U.S. Argonne National Laboratory researchers have tested a group of electrolytes which are supposed to maximize the Li-S batts performance. The team has established a selection approach to help choosing the best electrolyte for a certain battery cell.
Nov 8, 2019 // Technology, USA, North America, U.S. Argonne National Laboratory, Li-S batteries
Pyrazine polymer PHATNs up cathode in sodium-ion batteries
Scientists at the University of Maryland have developed an organic polymer electrode which they claim demonstrates stable function for a sodium-ion battery over 50,000 cycles and also offers encouraging performance in magnesium-ion and aluminum-ion storage devices.
Nov 7, 2019 // Technology, Storage, China, Asia, lithium, University of Maryland, sodium-ion battery, polymer electrode
Chhattisgarh Floats Tenders for 5,000 Solar Pumps and 700 Solar Trees
The Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA) has issued two tenders for the supply and installation of 5,000 small solar irrigation pumps and 700 solar trees in the state.
Nov 7, 2019 // BIPV, Technology, Markets & Finance News, India, Asia, tenders, CREDA, pumps, solar trees
Novel Solar Cells Arrive at International Space Station for Testing
Five different types of solar cells fabricated by research teams at the Georgia Institute of Technology have arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) to be tested for their power conversion rate and ability to operate in the harsh space environment as part of the MISSE-12 mission. One type of cell, made of low-cost organic materials, has not been extensively tested in space before.
Nov 7, 2019 // Technology, USA, solar cells, perovskite, North America, Georgia Institute of Technology, ISS, silicon-based cells, Jud Ready, Bernard Kippelen, Ajeet Rohatgi