Solar Technology & PV R&D News

EV Charging Robots By Volkswagen Revealed
The Volkswagen group has hinted that it is searching for a charging robot for EV. These are mobile charging robots that will make electric vehicles autonomous.
Dec 30, 2019 // Technology, Storage, Transport, VOLKSWAGEN, ENERGY STORAGE, Germany, Europe, electric vehicles, mobile charging robot, robot
New technology for flexible and efficient PV panels
A scientific team from Saudi Arabia has proved that silicon-based PV cells can be efficient and stretchable at the same time. The innovative solution can be used in artificial skin or flexible e-devices.
Dec 30, 2019 // Technology, Saudi Arabia, PV panels, Asia, PV cells, flexible e-devices
Organic Solar To Benefit from Femtosecond Laser Scribing
Fraunhofer is leading efforts to avail affordable photovoltaic material for solar at the industrial level
Dec 24, 2019 // Technology, Germany, Fraunhofer, Europe, PV material, ILT
New Methods of Producing Solar Panels Materials Unveiled
A RUDIN University chemist expert has unveiled a new material that resembles the structure of perovskite. He also suggested a method that allows for the production of a hybrid material that could be used to create solar cells.
Dec 24, 2019 // Technology, solar cells, perovskite, RUDIN University
Researchers Develop Thin Film that Shows Great Promise for Solar and LEDs
Scientists at University at Buffalo (New York, US) have created thin films made from barium zirconium sulfide (BaZrS3) and confirmed that the materials have alluring electronic and optical properties predicted by theorists.
Dec 23, 2019 // Technology, USA, North America, BaZrS3, Hao Zeng, Xiucheng Wei, Haolei Hui
Unexpected Solution Improves Organic Solar Cells
An unknown material, made from disulfide flakes has helped to boost the power of organic solar cells.
Dec 23, 2019 // Technology, Saudi Arabia, Asia, solar cell, silicon, KAUST, WS2
Solar Service Group and Evergen Kicks of Projects To Promote Large-scale Deployment of VPP
Evergen and Solar Service Group have entered into a joint venture to connect a lot of residential batteries throughout the country.
Dec 21, 2019 // Technology, Residential, Markets & Finance News, Storage, Australia, Oceania, Evergen, Solar Service Grou, Ben Hutt, VPP
Tesla Kicks of Plan to Hide ‘Solar Test-house’ in Tents at Its California Site
CNBC has discovered that Tesla was given a building permit that will let the company to attach two canopy covers above their solar test sites. at the beginning of this year, Elen Musk had made it public that 2019 will be the year of solar roofs.
Dec 21, 2019 // Technology, Residential, Markets & Finance News, Policy, Rooftop PV, TESLA, CNBC, Elen Musk
Gauging non-fulleren acceptors for organic PV
U.S. scientists are trying to understand how non-fullerene small-molecule acceptors (NAFs) increase the efficiency of organic PV devices. They claim that methoxy groups embedded in the acceptors could facilitate an efficiency increase of approximately 6%.
Dec 20, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, organic PV, North America, Georgia Institute of Technology, UNIST, organic PV cells, organic PV devices, Jean-Luc Brédas
Research on technologies for roll-to-roll production of organic photovoltaics
German Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen and partners are developing technologies for the roll-to-roll production of organic photovoltaics (OPV) in the »EffiLayers« project.
Dec 20, 2019 // Technology, Germany, Europe, OPV, PV cells, organic photovoltaics, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT
Denmark bets on green hydrogen
The Danish government has agreed to provide $19 million in funds for two large-scale hydrogen projects under development on the Jutland peninsula. The two projects will produce green hydrogen for the transport sector from renewables sources. Denmark’s largest energy company, Ørsted, has also announced plans for an ambitious 2 MW electrolysis plant with appurtenant hydrogen storage.
Dec 20, 2019 // Technology, Plants, Large-Scale, Markets & Finance News, Storage, Solar to Fuel, Europe, hydrogen, Ørsted, hydrogen storage
1366 Technologies Adds $18m in its Quest to Obtain Cheaper Solar Cells
1366 technollogy investing so much to ensure that they spend less time forming wafer with the use of molten silicon.
Dec 20, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, USA, solar cell, wafer, North America, 1366 technollogy
New thermodynamic formula to calculate bifacial gains
An American research team developed the new formula by applying to bifacial cells the Shockley-Queisser triangle, which is used to calculate the maximum theoretical efficiency of a monofacial solar cell using a single p-n junction technology. According to the group’s findings, the the triangle can help to clarify the deeper physical principles of the bifacial technology.
Dec 19, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, Bifacial PV, PV module, North America, thermodynamic formula, Purdue University, Mohammad Ryyan Khan
Highview Power plans 50 MW/400 MWh-plus cryo energy storage plant in Vermont
The British company, which has tested its liquid air energy storage technology in the U.K., says it is preparing to deploy its first plant on U.S. soil. Highview claims its CRYOBattery is half the price of utility scale lithium-ion storage.
Dec 19, 2019 // Technology, Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Storage, Solar to Fuel, USA, UK, Vermont, pv power plants, Europe, North America, lithium-ion storage, Javier Cavada, Salvatore Minopoli, Highview Power
Artificial intelligence may help scientists make spray-on solar cells
Artificial Intelligence may be just the thing to accelerate spray-on solar cell technology, which could revolutionize how consumers use energy.
Dec 19, 2019 // Technology, USA, solar cell, perovskite, North America, University of Central Florida, Jayan Thomas, Jinxin Li, Artificial Intelligence