Home heating photovoltaic panels to clear snow

Mar 18, 2020 12:42 PM ET
  • A Norwegian business has actually created a means to thaw snow on components to prevent excess weight on panels and also roofing systems, particularly on huge industrial and also commercial selections. A control system gauging snow thickness is connected to DC power supply systems to warm up the panels.
Home heating photovoltaic panels to clear snow
Image: Innos

Norwegian modern technology business Innos has actually created a weight surveillance system it asserts can start to thaw snow on roof PV panels. The Weight Watcher innovation, which utilizes module surface areas to thaw the snow, was developed to stay clear of risky tons on roofings as well as panels.

" If you press an existing via a diode, as is a solar battery, the cell will certainly warm up and also the snow will certainly thaw," Innos CEO Tommy Stromberg informed pv magazine. "The difficulty is to be able to include the existing, manage the present and also enhance power made use of over a melting duration."

The system includes a control system to determine snow thickness which is attached to a maneuver system consequently connected using a button set up to DC power supply systems. Those systems are linked to the solar components and also can infuse power right into the PV system when snow totally covers panels, avoiding them running generally.

" It is necessary to infuse as reduced a present as feasible to avoid procedure boost," Stromberg included. After the snow thaws, the panels return to power generation, making up for the power utilized.

The system is stated to be able to thaw around 2 kg of snow per square meter, per hr.

Maker authorization

Approval is called for from module producers to mount such a system, nevertheless, or panel service warranties might be void. "We have, throughout the years, accepted a few of the globe's biggest module manufacturers for life time screening," Stromberg stated. "We have, currently, unvoided guarantee certifications from REC, JA Solar, Longi as well as a few other makers revealing no result on return as well as deterioration over [panel] life time."

The CEO claimed the Weight Watcher system can in concept be related to all typical crystalline components, consisting of as a retrofit.

Large roofing option

Innos insurance claims to have actually made use of the system throughout greater than 30,000 m2 of Norwegian roofspace. "Due to environment modification, a boost in hefty snowfall is being seen in other words amount of times instead of steady snowfall gradually," the business stated. "This will certainly raise the requirement to safeguard roof coverings that can not endure hefty tons."

President Stromberg stated the expenses related to the Weight Watcher system could be taken on by commercial as well as industrial business with huge roofing surface areas as well as mid-sized PV setups. "Lifetime prolongation is one of the most eco pleasant and also affordable task that can be done to old structures in mix with PV installment," he stated. "Combined with Innos Weight Watcher, business situation is a lot more powerful." The Innos employer included, the expense of the snow system need to be determined per square meter as opposed to by Wattage.


A decrease in snow elimination expenses-- as well as dangers connected with operating at elevation, as no manual labor is called for-- are more advantages for installers.

Innos claimed its modern technology makes it feasible to mount solar panels on older, weak roofings, particularly on business structures constructed prior to 1970, which commonly have roofing system frameworks incapable hold up against snowfall of greater than 150kg/m2.

" Heavy snow lots integrated with existing photovoltaic panel installments can lead as well as compromise roofings to prospective collapse," Stromberg claimed. "Weight Watcher comes to be an insurance policy versus this as it both controls tons from snow and also makes certain to thaw it off prior to it obtains also hefty."

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