Reducing PV panel temperature level with stage modification products
A team of scientists from India is attempting to use an unique stage adjustment product to control temperature level in copper, selenium as well as indium photovoltaic panels. Stage modification products are compounds that can saving thermal power, enabling the stablizing of temperature level.
Apr 24, 2020 // Technology, Manufacturing News, India, Asia, PV panel
SolarEdge Designer Review
The SolarEdge company was established in 2006. Today, this is the leading inverter system provider. The SolarEdge inverter solutions and customized renewable energy installations are used throughout the world. One of the most demandable options for designers and photovoltaic-panel system installers is the SolarEdge designing application
Mar 15, 2021 // Software, SolarEdge, Solar Software Review
HelioScope Review
The HelioScope solar software was developed two years ago by the Folsom Lab. The main idea of the product is to simplify the process of designing renewable energy facilities and improving their engineering properties. The Folsom Labs team presented the latest updates of their solar software in 2020, having added new streamlined layout tools and an electrical section for more comprehensive designing reports.
Feb 24, 2021 // Software, solar module, Solar Software Review, HelioScope, Folsom Lab
A 200 Electric Buses Tender issued
Over 200 MIDI electric Buses tender in Mumbai has been issued. While issuing the tender, BEST said that the buses will operate between Mumbai and its suburbs.
Dec 26, 2019 // Markets & Finance News, Transport, India, Asia, electric vehicles, electric buses, Mumbai
Multi-junction solar cell integrating radiative cooler
The triple-junction solar cell is based upon indium gallium phosphide (InGaP), gallium arsenide (GaAs), as well as Germanium (Ge) and is made with a micro-grating made from glass, consisting of a two-dimensional x-framework structure repaired onto the surface of the solar cell. Its operating temperature level was found to be 6 degrees Celsius lower than that of a recommendation cell without the cooling technique.
Feb 14, 2022 // Technology, Manufacturing News, South Korea, Asia, solar cell, Gil Ju Lee
New Green Hydrogen Plant Construction in La Robla, Northern Spain Announced by Naturgy & Enagas
Naturgy and Enagas Renovable are investing €485m in the Robla Hub JV to install up to 280 MW of green hydrogen production capacity in La Robla, northern Spain, powered by solar PV plants.
Feb 15, 2023 // Solar to Fuel, Spain, Europe, Naturgy, green hydrogen, Enagas Renovable
Techno-economic analysis of PV-powered golf carts
Danish scientists have revealed that adding 250 W photovoltaic panels to all of the buggies in a 50-cart fleet is a lucrative investment. With an upfront financial investment of around EUR75,000, yearly advantages of around EUR15,000 are feasible, they assert.
Jul 16, 2020 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Europe, Denmark, Aarhus University
Energy Vault's Gravity Storage to Revolutionize Southern Africa's Energy Landscape
Gravity Energy Storage Solutions partners with Energy Vault to revolutionize energy storage in Southern Africa, addressing power shortages and accelerating the transition to clean, sustainable energy.
Feb 2, 2024 // Storage, Africa, South Africa, Energy Vault
Aurora Solar Software Review
The innovative software for the renewable energy sector. Aurora Solar includes design and financial solutions for commercial solar projects. At the same time, the individual sites can use the design and financial analysis tools of the Aurora software for their purposes. There is an opportunity to use fill zones to install PV customized systems and estimate energy production properly.
Mar 5, 2021 // Software, Aurora Solar, Solar Software Review
Eindhoven team's family car wins World Solar Challenge
The Solar Team of the Eindhoven University of Technology won the World Solar Challenge in Australia in the cruiser category. This is the fourth year in a row that the Eindhoven team won gold in this category for family solar-powered cars, the university announced on Twitter.
Oct 21, 2019 // Technology, Transport, Australia, World Solar Challenge, Oceania, Eindhoven University of Technology, Twitter, Stella Era, Carijn Mulder
Design of a nanometric structure that enhances solar cell efficiency
Researchers at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) have established a brand-new nanometric framework that can cover the surface area of some silicon photovoltaic panels and enhance their efficiency by approximately 40%. This design could be put on future solar installments to achieve a better power performance.
Feb 9, 2021 // Technology, solar cell, efficiency, UC3M, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Ricardo Vergaz, Braulio García-Camara
Chattisgarh Commission to set Generic Tariff for Solar Energy Projects
The Chattisgarh Commission has issued a draft order with the generic levelised tariffs for FY 2019-20 & 2020-21 for renewable energy sources like solar.
Jan 17, 2020 // Tariffs, India, Asia, tariff, Chattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission, CSERC
New MPPT formula for bidirectional inverter layout
A recently recommended inverter layout counts on a solar cost controller including optimal power point tracking. It is based upon a fabricated fish-swarm formula, which supplies high convergence speeds, flexibility, mistake tolerance, and also accuracy.
Aug 27, 2020 // Technology, Inverters, China, Asia, MPPT
Clearvise Expands Solar Portfolio with Sardinia Project Acquisition
Clearvise AG secures rights to 16.1-MWp solar project in Sardinia, part of larger Italian expansion. Shovel-ready in 2025, with more projects in the pipeline.
Apr 15, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Sardinia, Solar Project, Clearvise AG
Ukraine federal government provides retroactive FIT cuts and new auction policies to parliament
The Ukrainian government's meeting room have been stuffier than common recently, as policymakers and renewable resource industry reps attempted to thrash out a compromise to reduce the economic burden left on the management by a feed-in tariff incentive routine which drove almost 2 GW of generation capability. The resulting cuts to settlements, detailed listed below by Ukraine-based lawyer Svitlana Teush, have at the very least had input from both sides.
Jun 17, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Policy, Ukraine, Svitlana Teush, Europe, FIT cuts