New Green Hydrogen Plant Construction in La Robla, Northern Spain Announced by Naturgy & Enagas

Feb 15, 2023 11:24 AM ET
  • Naturgy and Enagas Renovable are investing €485m in the Robla Hub JV to install up to 280 MW of green hydrogen production capacity in La Robla, northern Spain, powered by solar PV plants.
New Green Hydrogen Plant Construction in La Robla, Northern Spain Announced by Naturgy & Enagas
Image: US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

What happened?

Naturgy Energy Group SA and Enagas Renovable announced their plan to invest €485m in a joint venture project named Robla Hub to construct an electrolysers plant with 280 MW green hydrogen production capacity in La Robla, northern Spain. The new facility will be established in the former site of Naturgy's old La Robla thermal power plant, which is currently being dismantled. The production of green hydrogen will be powered by multiple solar PV plants, totalling around 450 MWp, which will be installed in nearby municipalities. The initial phase of the project will involve the installation of an electrolysis plant with 60 MW capacity.

Why does it matter?

The partnership of Naturgy and Enagas Renovable in Robla Hub project aims to address the challenge of meeting the growing demand for sustainable energy in Spain. The project is a significant step towards achieving the country's objective of decarbonising the economy by 2050. The plan for the electrolysers plant is designed to take advantage of the multiple solar PV plants, which will be commissioned in the vicinity. The establishment of the green hydrogen production plant will play a critical role in promoting the hydrogen economy in Spain. The industrial hydrogen consumers in the area and the site's proximity to the future hydrogen pipeline will enable the expansion of the electrolysis capacity to 280 MW.

What's next?

The green hydrogen production plant will enable Spain to progress in its efforts to become a renewable energy-driven country. The establishment of the plant will create numerous jobs and also enhance the economy of La Robla. The hydrogen produced by the project will not only support the local industry but also promote the use of hydrogen in the mobility sector. The joint venture partners are committed to continuing their efforts in renewable energy. As per Naturgy, the 280 MW plant's construction and development are expected to create approximately 5,000 jobs. The completion of the project will boost Spain's green hydrogen production capacity and contribute towards achieving the decarbonisation targets set by the European Union.

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