Report finds consumers could save $29 billion if clean energy replaced proposed natural gas plants
by the mid-2030s, according to the report. The report notes examples from Colorado, Michigan, Indiana, California and other states across the country where this
Sep 9, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, North America, Mark Dyson
US ROUND-UP: DTE Energy suggests 420MW of solar in Michigan, Duke releases most current IRP
agreement (PPA) with NRG Power Marketing and also one has a PPA with the Lower Colorado River Authority. Cypress Creek O&M Services will certainly provide
Sep 3, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Storage, USA, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, North Carolina, Texas, EDP, Duke Energy, Cypress Creek Renewables, EDP Renewables, Michigan, North America, South Carolina, sol systems, irp, us utility, dte energy, cc&l infrastructure, helios infrastructure,
NREL Software Automates Residential Solar Permitting, Changing Meticulous Process for Local Governments
in the springtime of 2021. Other areas across Arizona, The Golden State, Colorado, Maryland, and also Massachusetts are in the procedure of adopting SolarAPP.
Feb 19, 2021 // Software, NREL, SolarAPP, Jeff Cook, Geoff Simmons
Nextracker inks 1 GW supply bargain and claims approximately 12% bifacial yield gain
as well as by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Golden, Colorado. The paper's writers specified Nextracker's testing approaches made sure the
Sep 18, 2020 // Manufacturing News, California, USA, Asia, United Arab Emirates, North America, Nextracker, Dan Shugar
The Top 10 US Cities Leading Solar Energy for America
a mounted solar capacity of 105.79 MW, as well as partially defeat Denver, Colorado (104.57 MW) to the 10th position on the rankings. The city has a per head
May 29, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, USA, North America, solar PV projects
Air Force honors UToledo $12.5 million to establish space-based solar power sheets
in 2019 UToledo became part of a $3.9 million honor led by Colorado State University to work together with the National Renewable Energy
Feb 17, 2021 // Technology, Markets & Finance News, USA, air force, North America, Michael Heben, UToledo, sheets, Randall Ellingson, Marcy Kaptur, Frank Calzonetti
Start-up with MIT origins creates light-weight photovoltaic panels
U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. The group is now functioning to create its production processes so that it
Jun 16, 2020 // Technology, MIT, Sam Stranks, perovskites, lightweight solar panels, Swift Solar, Max Hoerantner, Vladimir Bulović
The 6 Best Solar Supplies to Buy Right Now
million natural gas customers in its home state, in addition to the Dakotas, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas and also New Mexico. In a region where there's
Aug 15, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Canadian Solar, Duke Energy, Dominion Energy, Xcel Energy, NextEra Energy, Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure
Researchers examining solar try resolving a dusty problem
said Toth, a Ph.D. prospect in ecological engineering at the College of Colorado that has actually operated at NREL because 2017. "We have more great fragments
Apr 5, 2021 // Technology, NREL, PV panel, Michael Deceglie, Matthew Muller, Toth, a Ph.D.
Solar Market Insight Report 2020 Q2
before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. The states of Florida, Texas, Colorado, Illinois as well as Virginia all saw record-breaking installation total
Jun 15, 2020 // Market Research, USA, North America
Solar Market Insight Report 2019 Q4
outside of legacy state markets (with markets like Pennsylvania and Colorado beginning to take off), as well as technological and business-model innovation
Jan 8, 2020 // Market Research, USA, North America, Idaho
Solar Market Insight Report 2020 Q4
or carbon reduction targets. While utilities in states such as California, Colorado as well as Washington have announced carbon decrease targets as a means of
Dec 18, 2020 // Market Research, USA, North America