Canadian Solar sells 3.3-MWp United Kingdom-based solar plant to Elm Trading
reported that this was the final of its subsidised operational assets in the United Kingdom, which had a whole capacity of 158 MWp. The business is presently creating a
Dec 7, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Canadian Solar, PV plants, Canadian Solar Inc, Elm Trading
New washable solar-powered fabric developed in United Kingdom
The scientific group from NTU (England) has proven that a wearable PV device can be integrated into clothes. The innovative fabric has been based on µc-Si cells embedded into fibrous textile by means of super-thin copper wire. The newly created material is claimed to keep its efficiency after 6,000 abrasions, 25 handwashing and 15 machine washing cycles.
Jan 27, 2020 // Technology, Manufacturing News, UK, Europe
Voltalia gets developmental approval for 40 MW solar project in UK
round the PV modules. This is not first Voltalia’s solar venture in the United Kingdom, but the first one in a few years. Currently, many developers are starting
Jan 30, 2020 // Storage, France, UK, Voltalia, solar pv, Europe
Solarwatt offers an innovative smart EV charging solution
the developer has launched a flexible storage device, MyReserve, in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Solarwatt strives to unite the efforts of
Nov 27, 2019 // Storage, UK, Europe, Solarwatt, Keba, charging system, solar-powered EV, Rolec
Highview Power to build UK’s first large scale ‘cryogenic’ energy storage facility
commercial, large scale ‘cryogenic’ energy storage system in the United Kingdom as part of broader plans to build a fleet of 50 MW/250 MWh “liquid
Oct 22, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Storage, Solar to Fuel, UK, Europe, Javier Cavada, CRYOBattery, cryogenic energy storage, solar cryogenic storage
Unsubsidized 350 MW PV project in the UK
Energy is presently establishing numerous subsidy-free solar parks in the United Kingdom, consisting of an already-commissioned 48 MW PV center in Hampshire. The
May 15, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, UK, Europe, hive energy, wirsol
Fotowatio Renewable starts worldwide storage drive with 15MWh introduction in the UK
plant is said to become industry-first solution implemented in the United Kingdom. It will feature the most advanced tech and control
Dec 6, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Storage, Grids, UK, Europe, grid-scale, BESS, frv, fotowatio
‘They created a rechargeable world’
at Austin, United States. Stanley Whittingham, born in 1941 in the United Kingdom. Doctorate in 1968 from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
Oct 9, 2019 // Technology, Storage, USA, Japan, Lithium-ion batteries, Germany, UK, Europe, Asia, North America, John B. Goodenough, Brit Stanley Whittingham, Akira Yoshino, Nobel Prize
Renewables profits increase at Iberdrola
increasing revenues were the East Anglia 1 overseas wind farm in the United Kingdom (+533.1 MW), in addition to the capacity purchases in France as well as
Feb 24, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Spain, Iberdrola, Europe, Ignacio Galan, EAST ANGLIA 1
IB VOGT intends 100MW solar plant
Holdco 1 Limited and also IBV Lasbela Holdco 2 Limited, both developed in the United Kingdom under the legislations of England as well as Wales. There has actually been a
Jul 30, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, UK, Europe, ib vogt, F1 Solar PK
China Three Gorges gets 570 MW of Spanish solar
in Europe, in addition to its investments in Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom and also Greece." The transaction is anticipated to be completed in the second
Aug 20, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Spain, China, Europe, Asia, x-elio, Three Gorges New Energy Co
Hydrogen storage space in salt caves
only exist in an extremely limited number in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. The researchers claimed the storage of hydrogen in salt caverns is similar
Jun 16, 2020 // Technology, Storage, Europe, hydrogen
Saudi scientists launch solar-powered air conditioning project
King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy intends to prove effectiveness of the technology in an industrial setting
Oct 9, 2020 // Technology, Saudi Arabia, Asia, cooling project, KACARE
Renewables and geopolitics: The United States
An accelerated transition to renewables could go either way, regarding the United States’ unique geopolitical strength. According to Indra Overland – head of the Center for Energy Research at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs – the U.S. could surrender a major advantage if it abandons fossil fuel. The nation could, however, remain dominant in the global energy sector if it continues to lead on innovation and clean energy tech-related intellectual property.
Oct 2, 2019 // Policy, USA, China, Trump, Asia, Israel, Africa, Egypt, North America, Indra Overland, Norwegian Institute for International Affairs
The slow, inexorable rise of green hydrogen
France, the Netherlands, Austria, Japan, Australia, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and the United States. The global footprint of such projects indicates
Sep 27, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Storage, Solar to Fuel, USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, UK, China, Australia, Europe, Asia, IRENA, hydrogen, Oceania, North America, Austria, Solar to Fuel, Solar to Hydrogen, Producing Hydrogen, Hydrogen from renewable, Renewable fuels