Solarwatt offers an innovative smart EV charging solution

Nov 27, 2019 07:52 PM ET
  • Solarwatt and Keba offer a new charging system for solar-powered EV. The product is meant for the United Kingdom’s market.
Solarwatt offers an innovative smart EV charging solution
Image: Keba

3.0 EnergyManager is a control system developed by Solarwatt for KeContact p30 EV charging station by Keba. This is the first time the German PV manufacturer offers solutions for charging electric vehicles to the UK market. The new product is meant both for commercial and residential charging. 

The smart charging solution is both environmentally and economically friendly. This sets it apart from conventional public charging stations, grid electricity and fossil fuels. The solar system developed by Solawatt is said to be meant not only for power generation but also for a wide range of domestic applications, which required much fossil fuel in the past. They include cooling, heating, hot water, and mobility.

This innovation is offered within the framework of Solarwatt’s aspiration to develop comprehensive systems with diverse energy functions. Earlier, the developer has launched a flexible storage device, MyReserve, in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Solarwatt strives to unite the efforts of transportation, energy and thermal power industries in global shift toward clean energy to win the battle against climate change. 

EnergyManager by Solarwatt is perfectly compatible with Keba’s products and ideally suited for domestic use in UK. The Austrian automation solutions developer distributes its products to the United Kingdom through its partner Romatech. 

Charging systems for solar-powered e-vehicles are becoming a popular offer lately. Moixa has developed a breakthrough solution, which combines solar-and-storage with e-vehicle charging. Half a year ago, Rolec announced a charging system for residential use, which allows charging either from solar exclusively, or solar combined with power grid.

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