Largest solar power stations in Bahrain

Top biggest solar photovoltaic power stations in Bahrain.

(Updated 22 July 2021)

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Solar power stations, PV farms 2021 in Bahrain

Name Location State Capacity MWp or MWAC (*) Annual Output GWh Land Size km² On grid Remarks Developer
Tatweer Petroleum Solar Power Plant map Awali 3     2019 With 8,000 “Canadian” type solar panels and 28 ABB inverters, it will have a capacity to produce 5,366 GWh per year.
Omexom Bahrain

Solar power in Bahrain

Bahrain gets some of the world's highest levels of sun radiation. Given the abundance of sunlight in the kingdom, the country is focusing on producing solar electricity. Bahrain announced proposals to build a 100-Megawatt high-tech solar power station in agreement with the private sector in September 2017. This is just the latest in a series of solar-related advancements in recent years, as the country seeks to diversify its energy sources. The process of tendering was planned to start in the first half of 2018, with work expected to be finished and the plant working by the end of 2018. This kingdom of the Arabian Gulf has set a goal of 700 Megawatt of renewable production capacity by the end of 2030, as part of its energy transition. While renewable energy development in the kingdom is still in its infancy, it is expected to play an increasingly important role in the future, presenting better opportunities for both the private and public sectors as this kingdom seeks to effectively use its current resources and is maximizing its electricity production and feedstock.

Bahrain’s first PV project

In July 2014, Bahrain started its first renewable energy project.  Bahrain Petroleum Company named Bapco built the 5 megawatts PV solar project in partnership with EWA, Bahrain's Oil & Gas Authority (Nogaholding), and the University of Bahrain. It was constructed by Petra Solar in collaboration with Caspian Renewable Energy of the United States. The project reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around 7,200 tons per year, and the energy produced is supplied to EWA for distribution.

Tatweer power plant

This closely constrained project includes the installation of a 3 Megawatt photovoltaic power plant for the Tatweer Petroleum Corporation at the Awali site. The 3 Megawatt solar plant, which has been operational since late 2019  was developed by Omexom Bahrain (VINCI Energies) and is located in the heart of Tatweer's oil field on the small island. It will be able to produce 5,366 GWh every year thanks to 8,000 “Canadian” solar panels and 28 ABB inverters.

Askar Solar Farm

The National Plan for Renewable Energy was approved in January 2017 and sets a national renewable energy target of 5% by 2025, growing to 10% by 2035 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. EWA aims to build a PV Project, which will be the world's first solar PV IPP, with the goal of producing at least 100 Megawatt of energy from a solar PV park. The project is on a 4-square-kilometer plot of land near the Askar dump in the Southern Governorate. 



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