Tongwei in top place to secure 3GW module tender from China Resources Power

Aug 30, 2022 05:01 PM ET
  • Tongwei Solar, EGing PV and LONGi have been shortlisted as candidates for the 5th module purchase round of Hong Kong energy business China Resources Power.
Tongwei in top place to secure 3GW module tender from China Resources Power
Image: PV Tech

The state-owned power firm is looking for 3GW of PV modules, including 2.9 GW of bi-facial 545W modules and also 100MW of mono-facial 545W modules.

Tongwei sent a bidding cost of RMB5.827 billion (US$ 840 million), with an unit price of RMB1.942/ W (US$ 0.28 c/W), while EGing PV advanced a bidding cost of RMB5,984 billion (RMB1.995/ W) and also LONGi a total bidding price of RMB6.061 billion (RMB2.020/ W).

PV Technology understands that the bidding includes freight for 1,000 km of transport. The shipment time and also building period is 90 days after the procurement contract signed by the bidder and the module delivery time is from 10 September to 10 December 2022.

Tongwei lands leading area

The project will designate one module vendor, meaning Tongwei will probably obtain the module purchase order worth 3GW.

In a current institutional survey, Tongwei claimed that it will certainly broaden its module service based upon the market's growth as well as making preparation in organisational structure and also talent employment, yet can not divulge additional information as a result of privacy considerations.

Tongwei has demonstrated production as well as maintenance capabilities in silicon product and also cells, and also collected technological experience in the module industry. At present, the firm has 6GW of module manufacturing capacity.

Thinking about Tongwei's controlling capability in the cell as well as silicon fields, it said it was well position to broaden its module capabilities, sustained by benefits in terms of infrastructure and also sector understanding.

Tongwei said in the survey that its modules arm was embarking on small-scale research and development activities. It also kept in mind how the business did not initially mean to move into module manufacturing however is currently targeting better vertical combination.

Onset fluctuation in rates in the PV supply chain are related to regular scarcities of capacity brought on by insufficient participants in each field, Tongwei said. As a result, the firm has made a company strategy to target 30-50GW of module production.

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