Longi Plans World's Largest Solar Manufacturing facility for $6.7 Billion
Expansion would include 100 GW of solar wafers, 50 GW of cells Solar panel result has been hampered by high product costs
Jan 18, 2023 // Manufacturing News, LONGi
As Chinese Majors Slash Wafer Prices Dramatically, Expect Moderation In Panel Prices Ultimately
Leading Chinese producers, like Longi, TCL Zhonghuan and also Tongwei Solar have made the prices to slide by as much as 27 percent, the China Silicon Industry Association exposed.
Jan 2, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, solar panel, LONGi, Tongwei Solar, large-scale ground-mounted projects, TCL Zhonghuan
Solar Price War May Help Spur China's Renewable Energy Push
Longi, TCL Zhonghuan reduced wafer prices greater than 20% last week Decrease in expenses to make 2023 a large year for solar demand: TCL
Dec 28, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, LONGi, wafer
Solar Projects Developer LONGi Introduces Hi-MO 6 Modules to Malaysian Market
The Hi-MO 6 series, a new line of product from global solar corporation LONGi, was just recently revealed at a consumer appreciation event held at The St. Regis Kula Lumpur in Malaysia. This is the company's very first line of modules created especially for the scattered consumer market worldwide.
Dec 23, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Malaysia, Asia, LONGi, Hi-MO 6 Modules, Malaysian Customers, Regis Kula Lumpur, Valued
Global Shipments of Longi's Hi-MO 5 Modules Exceed 50 GW
The producer likewise stated that the cumulative shipments currently coming close to 100 million panels. Based on gallium-doped, half-cell, crackless smart soldering modern technology, Hi-MO 5 modules have actually received wide market recognition, consisting of awards.
Dec 21, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Solar Panels, LONGi, Intersolar, solar module, tuv rheinland, All Quality Matters, crackless smart soldering technology, Hi-MO 5 solar module
L&T Picks LONGi for Saudi Projects With 1292 MW Module Order
L&T has selected Chinese significant LONGi to supply 1292MW of PV modules for two solar projects under construction in Saudi Arabia. LONGi VP Dennis She as well as A. Ravindran, Senior Vice President and also Head of the Renewables Strategic Business Group at L&T, jointly authorized the arrangement, entailing two Saudi Arabian projects for which L&T is acting as EPC, at an event held in Dubai.
Dec 1, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, LONGi, L&T, Dennis She, A Ravindran, agreement 1292 MW deal, EPC Contract, Saudi Arabia solar
China Solar Company Longi Picks CICC for $4 Billion GDR Sale, Sources Say
Zurich offering might occur in 2023 and also more banks might join Longi Swiss GDR sale could be most significant ever by Chinese company
Nov 22, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, LONGi
LONGi hits 26.81% effectiveness for HJT solar cells
Chinese solar panel producer LONGi introduced it has actually gotten to a performance of 26.81% for its HJT silicon solar cells on full-size silicon wafers with mass production. The record was validated by the Institute for Solar Power Research in Hamelin (ISFH).
Nov 21, 2022 // Manufacturing News, LONGi, efficiency, HJT solar cells
Longi Introduces Hi-MO 6 Modules for Global DG Market
Based on high effectiveness HPBC cell technology, Hi-MO 6 accomplishes a maximum efficiency of 22.8% in automation, HPBC cell technology can considerably improve the cell's light absorption and photoelectric conversion capabilities by changing the cell's interior framework, and can thus successfully increase the module's output power.
Nov 3, 2022 // Manufacturing News, solar cell, LONGi, Dennis She, Guardian, solar technology, hpbc, Artist, Explorer, Hi-MO 6, HPBC cell technology, Hybrid Passivated Back Contact, Scientist
Longi Produces New World Record For P-Type Solar Cell Performance
The cell performance is 0.65% greater than that of 25.47% launched earlier this year. The LONGi R&D group has actually enhanced the crystal drawing process in response to boosted need for efficiency signs for p-HJT wafers, such as resistivity as well as lifespan.
Sep 22, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, LONGi, solar module, cell efficiency, monocrystalline wafers, p-type silicon heterojunction
LONGi accomplishes new world record for p-type solar cell efficiency
LONGi has introduced a new world record conversion effectiveness of 26.12% for its p-type silicon heterojunction (HJT) cell.
Sep 21, 2022 // Technology, Germany, Europe, solar cell, Institute for Solar Energy Research, LONGi, isfh, efficiency
Leading Solar Solutions Supplier Longi Reveals 66-Cell Solar Module for Europe
LONGi reveals that the new module has 66 solar cells in the module which is based upon M10 wafer size The module likewise includes a new frame style which enables the developers to install the modules both flat and also up and down
Sep 13, 2022 // Manufacturing News, solar cell, solar panel, LONGi, solar module, HiMO5 module
Tongwei in top place to secure 3GW module tender from China Resources Power
Tongwei Solar, EGing PV and LONGi have been shortlisted as candidates for the 5th module purchase round of Hong Kong energy business China Resources Power.
Aug 30, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Tongwei, China, Hong Kong, Asia, LONGi, module manufacturing, module supply deals, china resources poweregin, g photovoltaics
LONGi ships 18GW+ of modules in H1, calls TOPCon 'transitionary' as it targets HPBC development
Solar Module Super League (SMSL) participant LONGi Green Energy shipped 39.62 GW of monocrystalline silicon wafers, of which 20.15 GW was sold on the surface and also 19.47 GW for interior usage, according to its monetary results for the initial fifty percent of the year.
Aug 29, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, China, pv modules, financial results, Asia, longi solar, finance, LONGi, longi green energy, topcon, inner mongolia, hpbc
Solar wafer, cell prices rise as reports suggest state intervention could be near
Solar wafer as well as cell prices have actually risen once again this week, with the price of polysilicon remaining to climb unmitigated.
Jul 28, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Tongwei, polysilicon, solar cell, LONGi, supply chain, solar wafer, materials, pricing