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Oxford PV Breaks World Record with 25% Solar Cell Efficiency
Oxford PV breaks world record in solar panel efficiency, paving the way for greater power output and reduced electricity costs. A significant milestone in the development of next-gen solar cells.
Jan 31, 2024 // Technology, solar cell, oxford pv, efficiency
Shingle PVST Cells for Efficiency Boost
Unlock the power of shingling for Perovskite-Silicon Tandem (PVST) cells with Fraunhofer ISE and Oxford PV's research. Increase module efficiency and reduce shadowing losses with their 1/6 cut PVST cells and low-temperature silver paste.
Oct 17, 2023 // Technology, Fraunhofer ISE, oxford pv, Perovskite-Silicon cell
Oxford PV Powers 'Green Thunder' at 2023 Solar Race
Oxford PV and Top Dutch Solar Racing team up to power the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with Oxford PV's perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells. Experience a 20% increase in power and watch the team race to the podium!
Oct 11, 2023 // Technology, Transport, solar cells, oxford pv, perovskite-on-silicon
Oxford PV introduces new performance record
Oxford PV has actually revealed 'a new globe record for the performance of a commercial-sized solar cell'. The effectiveness record was achieved on a commercial-sized'M 4' (258.15 cm2) solar cell. The cell is a 2T device made by transferring a perovskite thin-film cell onto a conventional silicon heterojunction cell.
May 25, 2023 // Technology, solar cell, oxford pv, efficiency, Chris Case
Lifecycle research study of perovskites discovers lower environmental effect than silicon modules
Perovskite-on-silicon PV modules are much more ecologically helpful than conventional silicon heterojunction (HJT) modules over a 25-year lifetime, according to a research study from researchers in Germany.
Jul 13, 2022 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Germany, Europe, oxford pv, perovskite, perovskite cells, HJT, tandem cell
Breaking performance records with tandem solar cells
Oxford PV layers perovskite over silicon to capture a wider wavelength range
Apr 27, 2022 // Technology, solar cells, oxford pv, efficiency, Chris Case
Incorporating perovskite with silicon, solar cells transform even more energy from sun
Lots of nations around the globe are devoted to reducing emissions or getting to net-zero exhausts to meet the United Nations' environment goals of keeping temperature increases listed below 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050. Renewable energy modern technologies, particularly solar power panels, will play a substantial role in achieving these goals.
Aug 17, 2021 // Technology, UK, Europe, solar cell, oxford pv, perovskite, silicon, efficiency, Laura Miranda Pérez
Meyer Burger weighes legal choices as Oxford PV ends partnership
Meyer Burger Technology AG (SWX: MBTN) is thinking about lawful options to impose its right after its perovskite solar cells manufacturing companion Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd terminated an existing cooperation contract between both "for own strategic factors".
Jul 26, 2021 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, solar cells, oxford pv, perovskite, meyer burger, Frank P Averdung
Oxford PV Hits New Globe Record for Solar Cell
Revolutionary perovskite solar modern technology has established a brand-new globe record for the amount of the sunlight's energy that can be exchanged electrical energy by a solitary solar cell.
Dec 21, 2020 // Technology, solar cell, oxford pv, perovskite, Frank P. Averdung, Chris Case
Meyer Burger mulls making heterojunction solar cells as well as components in Europe
In launching full-year 2019 monetary outcomes, leading PV tools distributor Meyer Burger has claimed it is reviewing the expediency of coming to be a quantity manufacturer of heterojunction (HJ) solar cells as well as components in Europe, significantly in Germany.
Mar 16, 2020 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Germany, pv modules, Europe, c-si manufacturing, Asia, oxford pv, meyer burger, REC Group, Singapore, heterojunction solar cell
Meyer Burger literally betting the house on HJT cell strategy
The Swiss equipment maker has announced a fresh, CHF18 million order from Oxford PV but the news may have been strategically timed ahead of today’s update that it has completed the sale of its headquarters building.
Oct 23, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Germany, UK, China, Europe, Asia, oxford pv, meyer burger
Oxford PV transfers US$18.2 million to Meyer Burger for next phase of equipment purchases
Leading PV manufacturing equipment supplier Meyer Burger Technology has received a further CHF 18 million (US$18.2 million) from partner, Oxford PV for the purchase of key equipment for a 125MW integrated production line to fabricate high-efficiency perovskite HJT tandem solar cells.
Oct 22, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Germany, UK, Europe, c-si manufacturing, solar cell, oxford pv, heterojunction, meyer burger, a-si thin film, peroskite
Oxford PV to become heterojunction/perovskite solar cell manufacturer
Perovskite solar cell developer, Oxford PV is to become a merchant heterojunction with perovskite top cell manufacturer with orders placed with Meyer Burger that will provide an initial 250MW of cell capacity that will enter production by the end of 2020.
Aug 8, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Germany, c-si manufacturing, solar cell, oxford pv, heterojunction, perovskite, Frank P. Averdung, meyer burger