Oxford PV introduces new performance record

May 25, 2023 11:31 AM ET
  • Oxford PV has actually revealed 'a new globe record for the performance of a commercial-sized solar cell'. The effectiveness record was achieved on a commercial-sized'M 4' (258.15 cm2) solar cell. The cell is a 2T device made by transferring a perovskite thin-film cell onto a conventional silicon heterojunction cell.
Oxford PV introduces new performance record

The record-breaking solar cell transformed 28.6% of the sun's energy into electrical energy, as independently licensed by Fraunhofer ISE. The solar cell was created at Oxford PV's incorporated assembly line in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany. The manufacturing facility has actually begun preliminary production of the firm's tandem solar cells for assimilation by solar module manufacturing companions and also is ramping up to greater volumes. The site, operational given that 2017, houses the world's initial volume production line for perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells.

Chris Case, Chief Technology Officer at Oxford PV, claimed: "Our most current efficiency achievement of 28.6% is more than 1.5% above our record set in 2014 and exceeds our very own roadmap strategy of 1% annual rises. These record-setting solar cells are made on the exact same assembly line as our 27% reliable industrial solar cells, which currently fulfill stringent performance as well as dependability targets. Solar is currently among the least pricey as well as cleanest kinds of power available, as well as our technology will make it even more budget friendly. Photovoltaic panel integrated with Oxford PV's solar cells create even more electricity from the same area, making them highly appealing for household and also business rooftops. For utility-scale solar farms, our technology will certainly also help them minimize land usage and also preserve biodiversity."

David Ward, Chief Executive Officer at Oxford PV, claimed: "This globe record on a large-area cell is our 2nd in 2 years and also marks another milestone for our technology. The achievement additionally showcases our solid intellectual property as well as is a testament to the talent and commitment of our team. While we continue to introduce on our perovskite-on-silicon technology on tiny research-sized solar cells, a lot of our emphasis has actually been on improving our commercial-sized cells for the market, ramping up manufacturing, as well as dealing with our solar module partners to prepare them for assembly into solar panels. Our team has actually made outstanding progression during 2023 as well as our innovative solar cells are close to remaining in the hands of our module-manufacturing customers."

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