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50% Flight Range Boost with Amprius Battery Cell
Amprius Technologies introduces an ultra-high-power-high-energy lithium-ion battery with 10C discharge rate & 400Wh/kg energy density, offering increased flight range of up to 50%, faster charging & lower operating costs. Samples available in late 2023.
Aug 8, 2023 // Storage, lithium-ion battery, Amprius Technologies
New electrolyte enables high efficiency of secure, sustainable zinc batteries
Scientists led by an Oregon State University scientist have developed a new electrolyte that elevates the efficiency of the zinc metal anode in zinc batteries to almost 100%, an innovation on the way to an alternative to lithium-ion batteries for large-scale energy storage.
Mar 28, 2023 // Technology, Storage, Oregon State University, lithium-ion battery, efficiency, Zinc Battery, Xiulei "David" Ji
Putting the brakes on lithium-ion batteries to prevent fires
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used to power everything from wise watches to electrical vehicles, thanks to the large amounts of power they can save in small spaces. When overheated, nevertheless, they're prone to catching fire and even taking off. Yet recent study published in Nano Letters uses a possible solution with a new innovation that can swiftly put the brakes on a Li-ion battery, shutting it down when it obtains also warm.
Nov 15, 2022 // Technology, Storage, lithium-ion battery, Yapei Wang, Kai Liu
Scientists discover innovative approach to make novel lithium-ion battery materials
Scientists at Boise State University have actually developed a new approach to making novel lithium-ion battery materials. Starting from an amorphous (i.e., a material lacking long-range order) niobium oxide, the group found that the very act of cycling the material with lithium induces a transformation to a novel crystalline Nb2O5 anode with phenomenal Li storage space and fast biking. This process can possibly be made use of to make various other lithium-ion battery materials that can not be quickly made via traditional means.
Aug 11, 2022 // Technology, Storage, lithium-ion battery, Boise State University, Shyue Ping Ong, Pete Barnes
Top 10 Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers
Aug 4, 2022 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Storage, Market Research, LG CHEM, Panasonic, lithium-ion battery, CATL, Samsung SDI, battery manufacturers, Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers, Lithium-Ion Manufacturers, A123 Systems, Piedmont Lithium
Dragonfly Energy anticipates 47% growth in 2022 ahead of SPAC listing
Lithium-ion battery pack supplier Dragonfly Energy expects revenues to increase 47% this year, during which it will complete a Nasdaq listing via a SPAC merger, before doubling in 2023.
Jun 22, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, Storage, lithium-ion battery, Dragonfly Energy, SPAC listing
NREL's storage projections for 2050
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) last report on the future of storage provides "key learnings" from a series of six extensive research studies.
Apr 19, 2022 // Storage, Market Research, USA, NREL, North America, lithium-ion battery
Battery Pack Prices Be Up To an Average of $132/kWh, However Rising Commodity Prices Beginning to Bite
Lithium-ion battery pack prices, which were above $1,200 per kilowatt-hour in 2010, have actually fallen 89% in actual terms to $132/kWh in 2021 [1] This is a 6% drop from $140/kWh in 2020.
Dec 29, 2021 // Storage, China, Asia, lithium-ion battery, Kwasi Ampofo, James Frith
Battery Pack Prices Be Up To an Average of $132/kWh, Yet Rising Commodity Prices Beginning to Bite
Lithium-ion battery pack prices, which were above $1,200 per kilowatt-hour in 2010, have fallen 89% in genuine terms to $132/kWh in 2021 [1] This is a 6% decline from $140/kWh in 2020.
Dec 20, 2021 // Storage, UK, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Asia, London, lithium-ion battery, Kwasi Ampofo, James Frith
Li-ion Battery Pack Prices to Fall Below $100/kWh by 2024: BNEF
Lithium-ion battery pack prices, which were above $1,200 per kilowatt-hour in 2010, have fallen 89% in real terms to $132/kWh in 2021. Proceeding cost decreases bode well for the future of electric vehicles, which rely on lithium-ion modern technology.
Dec 6, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Storage, BNEF, BloombergNEF, lithium-ion battery, Kwasi Ampofo, James Frith
Electric gains in battery efficiency
A high-performance variation of the zinc-ion battery will enable stationary power storage space that assures to be less expensive, much safer and also a lot more environmentally friendly than lithium-ion batteries.
Aug 30, 2021 // Technology, Storage, Saudi Arabia, Asia, lithium-ion battery, KAUST, Yunpei Zhu, zinc-ion battery, battery efficiency
A photo-rechargeable lead-free perovskite lithium-ion battery that generates and stores energy
A team of scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has created a cost-effective, light-weight, and safe (lead-free) photo-battery that has dual features in collecting solar power and keeping energy on a single gadget, making it possible to charge a battery imaginable, without having to connect the device into the wall surface.
Aug 20, 2021 // Technology, Storage, China, Asia, lithium-ion battery, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST, Jonathan Eugene HALPERT
KORE Power to build huge lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Arizona
KORE Power has plans to create a lithium-ion battery production facility in Maricopa County, Arizona.
Jul 31, 2021 // Storage, USA, North America, lithium-ion battery, KORE Power, Lindsay Gorrill, Buckeye Mayor Eric Orsborn
Scientists to study on "flexible" battery systems
Lithium-ion battery cells have actually until now been generated according to standard formats and also in rigid systems. According to German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), flexibly versatile cells are necessary to ensure that batteries - as an example for electromobility - can be fitted precisely even in intricate rooms and also can save a lot more energy.
Mar 4, 2021 // Storage, Germany, Europe, lithium-ion battery, KIT, flexible, German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Blackstone Technology Presents New 3D Printed Lithium-Ion Battery Cell
Switzerland-based Blackstone Resources announced vital achievements by its subsidiary Blackstone Technology, during its Blackstone's Battery Day held recently. On that day, the company presented a brand-new 3D-printed lithium-ion battery cell created with its very own proprietary copyrighted technology.
Feb 23, 2021 // Technology, Storage, ENERGY STORAGE, lithium-ion battery, 3-D printed presentation, Blackstone Resources, Blackstone Technology, Lithium-Ion Battery technology, Holger Gritzka