Tesvolt, Green Energy 3000: Solar-Plus-Storage Powers Germany
The joint project between Tesvolt and Green Energy 3000 adds a 12 MWp solar farm near Braunschweig, Germany with two TPS-E storage containers and the ability to supply power to 5,000 households. This is among the winners of the innovation tender and will receive state funds.
Aug 9, 2023 // Plants, Storage, Germany, Europe, Tesvolt, green energy
Tesvolt unveils new battery line for commercial, industrial applications
Tesvolt's new E Series includes the TS-I HV 80 battery and the TS-I HV 100 battery, with storage space capacities of 80 kWh and also 90 kWh, respectively. Both of the devices have efficiencies of as much as 98%.
May 3, 2022 // Storage, Germany, Europe, Tesvolt
Tesvolt's battery storage orders up 195% among energy crisis and Ukraine invasion
Energy storage system (ESS) company Tesvolt says that it saw 195% year-on-year growth in orders during March, as services seek to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels especially because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Apr 13, 2022 // Storage, Germany, Ukraine, Europe, EV, Tesvolt, ESS, energy storage system
Tesvolt introduces brand-new power storage space for industrial use
Tesvolt is releasing a brand-new battery storage device with energy monitoring system (EMS) as well as incorporated inverter. The gadget, called TS-I HV 80, works off-grid, on-grid and also in stand-alone setting, is black-start qualified and replies to power requests from the grid within milliseconds, according to the firm.
Mar 1, 2021 // Storage, Tesvolt
Saltwater Batteries for Solar PV system
Renewable energy sources are playing a vital role in overcoming the world energy issues and climate change issues. The storage system requirement for the renewable energy sector especially for solar PV systems is inevitable as renewable energy sources are dependent on natural conditions.
Feb 12, 2021 // Storage, Li-ion batteries, solar pv, Tesvolt, EPC Unlimited Energy, Blue energy
Tesvolt begins business storage system manufacturing at gigafactory in spite of Covid-19
The German producer has actually begun to generate its initial business storage space systems at its brand-new plant under rigorous security preventative measures because of the recurring Covid-19 pandemic. The center's existing yearly capability is evaluated 255 MWh, yet the business intends to at some point increase that to 1 GWh.
Apr 3, 2020 // Storage, Germany, Europe, covid-19, Tesvolt, Daniel Hannemann, Simon Schandert