Tesvolt introduces brand-new power storage space for industrial use

Mar 1, 2021 06:29 PM ET
  • Tesvolt is releasing a brand-new battery storage device with energy monitoring system (EMS) as well as incorporated inverter. The gadget, called TS-I HV 80, works off-grid, on-grid and also in stand-alone setting, is black-start qualified and replies to power requests from the grid within milliseconds, according to the firm.
Tesvolt introduces brand-new power storage space for industrial use
Image: photon.info

The incorporated energy administration system records and also controls the energy flows of all customers as well as generators in real time. It includes the Tesvolt Energy Manager and access to the "myTesworld" portal, and is available as a free standard version, however also as a paid pro version with extra functions, such as for use by numerous individuals. The Pro variation costs an additional three euros per kilowatt hr per year. The firm is presently promoting the device with a complimentary use restricted to one year.

The TS-I HV 80 is readily available from 76 kilowatt-hours and can be broadened modularly to a number of megawatt-hours. The integrated 3-phase inverter has a capability of 75 kilowatts. The dimensions are 1,900 by 1,200 by 600 millimeters (HxWxD). According to the data sheet, the device will certainly be offered in the very first quarter, and also some features will be together included by the third quarter.