Scientists develop method to decrease the formation of anions vacancy defects in halide perovskite solar cells
Researchers at China's Shaanxi Regular University and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have actually designed a novel approach to reduce the formation of anions vacancy defects in halide perovskite solar cells. The team reported that the new strategy leads to greater performance and impressive stability.
Mar 14, 2023 // Technology, China, Asia, Chinese Academy of Sciences, perovskite solar cells, Shaanxi Normal University
Oracle could bring Chinese companion to Pakistani green H2 project
Oracle Power PLC (LON: ORCP) today revealed a pact with China Electric Power and Technology Co, a unit of State Grid Corporation of China, to possibly work together on its 400-MW green hydrogen project in Sindh, south-east Pakistan.
Mar 7, 2023 // Solar to Fuel, China, Asia, Pakistan, green hydrogen, Oracle
87 percent of Germany's PV imports 2022 originated from China
Around 87 percent of German imports for photovoltaic or pv systems came from individuals's Republic of China in 2022.
Mar 2, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Germany, China, Europe, Asia
GCL SI Unveils 12-GW Solar Module Factory in China
Chinese photovoltaics company GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd is investing CNY 2 billion to construct a 12-GW solar module factory in Jiangsu province, a move that could have a significant impact on the global photovoltaic industry.
Feb 21, 2023 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, solar module, GCL SI
Shunfeng to Invest $1.53bn to Build 10-GW Solar Cell Factory in Anhui, China
Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd, the parent company of Wuxi Suntech Power Co Ltd, has announced plans to invest INR 10.5 billion (USD 1.53bn/EUR 1.43bn) to set up a 10-GW TopCon solar cell factory in Anhui, China.
Feb 20, 2023 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, solar cell, Shunfeng
China's Growatt ushers in solar inverter manufacturing facility in Vietnam
Chinese company Growatt revealed today the inauguration of the very first phase of its factory in Vietnam where it will be producing solar as well as storage space inverters, as well as storage batteries.
Feb 17, 2023 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, Vietnam, Growatt
Trina Solar's Photovoltaic Project Boosts Chinese Fisheries
China-based Trina Solar's 100MW solar fishery project generates high performance in harsh marine environments, providing economic value to customers.
Feb 15, 2023 // Plants, China, Asia, Trina Solar, solar model
China's Power Batteries Production & Installed Capacity Decline in January
China's production and installed capacity of power batteries fell on a monthly as well as annual basis for the very first time in January
Feb 15, 2023 // Storage, China, Asia, BYD, CATL
How China Ensured 55 GW Of Rooftop Solar In 2022
Out of 14 GW solar addition in 2022, rooftop solar made up simply 1.9 GW in India In China rooftop solar made up 55 GW out of 87 GW of complete solar capacity addition in the exact same year
Feb 13, 2023 // Rooftop PV, China, Asia, rooftop solar, RTS programme, Whole-County Rooftop Solar policy
Remote Corner of China Launches 32 Clean Energy Projects Valued in Billions
Alxa League, a sparsely populated region of Inner Mongolia, is investing 169 billion yuan into clean energy projects, including a massive 86-billion-yuan power base in the Tengger Desert.
Feb 7, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, China, Asia
China Seeks To Limit Technology Gain Access To For Solar Production, In Move Aimed at India
The moves by China to restrict access to the most recent solar production technology is squarely aimed at India, and also to an extent the United States, where efforts have actually been made to construct a domestic ecosystem.
Feb 2, 2023 // Manufacturing News, India, China, Asia
Canadian Solar Mulls Solar & Battery Storage Production Expansion in China
Its majority-owned subsidiary CSI Solar has actually participated in a multi-year investment agreement with the municipal government of Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province in China. In initial phase, the company will certainly include a capacity of 14 GW of wafer and also cell production.
Feb 1, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Canadian Solar, China, Asia, solar cell, solar module, Shawn Qu, CSI Solar, solar wafer, N-type TOPCon, battery system, capital expenditures, Jiangsu Province
China Mulls Protecting Solar Tech Dominance With Export Ban
Export ban considered for technology used to make solar wafers China makes up 97% of worldwide output for the wafers
Jan 27, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, solar wafers
Researchers utilize perovskites to drastically reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from existing iron and also steel furnaces
Researchers from the UK's University of Birmingham, in collaboration with China's University of Science & Technology Beijing, have utilized perovskite materials to develop a novel adjustment for existing iron and steel furnaces that could reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the steelmaking industry by almost 90%.
Jan 25, 2023 // Technology, UK, China, Europe, Asia, perovskite, University of Birmingham, University of Science & Technology Beijing, Yulong Ding, Harriet Kildahl
EPFL-led group makes use of additives to improve the stability and also efficiency of perovskite solar cells
A team of scientists, led by Professor Michael Grätzel at EPFL and also Xiong Li at the Michael Grätzel Center for Mesoscopic Solar Cells in Wuhan (China), have actually developed a technique that deals with stability issues of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) as well as raises their effectiveness.
Jan 23, 2023 // Technology, China, Asia, EPFL, perovskite solar cells, Michael Grätzel, Xiong Li, Michael Grätzel Center for Mesoscopic Solar Cells