Longi Green Energy Urges Beijing to Regulate Solar Prices

Mar 4, 2024 02:35 PM ET
  • Longi Green Energy urges Beijing to regulate solar prices, prioritize quality over cost. Chairman Zhong Baoshen calls for new bidding rules to support industry innovation.

Longi Green Energy Technology Co., China's top solar panel maker, is urging Beijing to implement rules to control prices in the solar industry. The company's chairman, Zhong Baoshen, is calling for new bidding regulations to discourage prices below production costs and to prioritize firms that offer high-quality, reliable products. This comes as the Chinese solar industry is facing layoffs and production cuts due to excess capacity and intense competition.

Despite the challenges, installations in the Chinese solar industry are expected to remain high this year, close to the record set in 2023. However, concerns have been raised about smaller companies being squeezed out by larger competitors offering extremely low prices. Zhong emphasized the importance of maintaining quality standards in the industry to encourage innovation and ensure the long-term success of solar panel manufacturers.

Should Beijing implement price control rules in the solar industry to prioritize quality?

  • Implementing price control rules in the solar industry can help prioritize quality over quantity
  • Price regulations can discourage firms from selling below production costs, ensuring sustainability in the industry
  • Prioritizing companies that offer high-quality, reliable products can lead to innovation and long-term success
  • Maintaining quality standards is crucial for the growth and competitiveness of the Chinese solar industry
  • Price controls can prevent smaller companies from being squeezed out by larger competitors offering extremely low prices

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