China Gezhouba Group intends 2 GW of renewables in Azerbaijan
The federal government of Azerbaijan last week participated in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with an abroad financial investment arm of civil design business China Gezhouba Group for the implementation of 2 GW of renewable energy projects.
Jun 5, 2023 // Plants, China, Europe, Asia, Azerbaijan, Gezhouba Group
Iraqi govt greenlights Power China's 750-MW solar project
The Iraqi cabinet has actually given the green light to a 750-MW solar project that Chinese state-owned conglomerate Power Construction Corp of China (Power China) is planning to construct in the south of the Arab country.
May 31, 2023 // Plants, China, Asia, Solar Project, Iraqi govt
Globe's Largest Solar Manufacturer Is Fueling a Price War
The world's biggest solar manufacturer slashed prices for a key component as expanding capacity in the market escalates cost competition.
May 30, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co
Trina bags 510-MW solar tracker bargain for Uzbek projects
China's Trina Solar Co Ltd (SHA:688599) stated on Monday it has protected an order to supply 510 MW of smart solar trackers for several projects in Uzbekistan.
May 30, 2023 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, Trina Solar, Uzbekistan, Solar Tracker, PV Power Plant
JinkoSolar Subsidiary to Construct 56 GW Manufacturing Facility in China
The integrated project will certainly make monocrystalline silicon pull rod, silicon wafer, high-efficiency solar cells and modules. Jiangxi Jinko has actually authorized an investment framework agreement with the Management Committee of Transformation Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone of Shanxi Province.
May 26, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Jinko Solar, China, Asia
Researchers create flexible monocrystalline silicon solar cells
A big group of technologists associated with numerous institutions in China, collaborating with two coworkers from Germany and also an additional two from Saudi Arabia, has located a way to create flexible monocrystalline silicon solar cells.
May 26, 2023 // Technology, Saudi Arabia, Germany, China, solar cells, Europe, Asia, silicon
JinkoSolar strategies financial investment of almost USD 8bn in new Chinese factories
Chinese solar module manufacturer JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd (NYSE: JKS) made a couple of news on Wednesday in relation to its majority-owned principal operating subsidiary, including an enormous financial investment plan of CNY 56 billion (USD 7.94 bn/EUR 7.38 bn).
May 25, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, China, JinkoSolar, Asia
China's Record-Breaking Push to Dominate Solar Tech Will Spur Clean Energy Throughout The World
Generating added power will decrease the price of electricity Material known as perovskite may hold key to breakthroughs
May 24, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, China, Asia, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co, Martin Green
Wood Mackenzie: China's Solar Exports Boom 64% In 2022 Despite Global Trade Tensions
High power costs obliged consumers as well as designers from around the globe to get even more photovoltaic panels from China. Europe continued to be the China's top solar module export market with 56% share.
May 24, 2023 // Market Research, Wood Mackenzie, China, Asia, solar cell, solar panel, Alex Whitworth
China's Solar Boom Is Already Accelerating Past Last Year's Record Surge
Nation already had world-leading pace of renewable deployments Reduced expenses, increasing power demand driving installments greater
May 23, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, China, Asia
Chinese solar exports soar
Europe continues to be the leading destination for PV modules making up 56% of global demand, claims Wood Mackenzie
May 23, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, USA, Wood Mackenzie, China, Asia, North America
Researchers establish new perovskite solar cell design with 31.09% effectiveness
Researchers from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and also Astronautics in China as well as University of Okara in Pakistan have substitute a solar cell based on an absorber making use of a CsSnI3 perovskite product, which is an inorganic perovskite that has low exciton binding energy, a high absorbance coefficient, and an energy bandgap of 1.3 eV.
May 19, 2023 // Technology, China, Asia, Pakistan, efficiency, perovskite solar cell, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Okara
Researchers fabricate carbon electrode perovskite solar cells with 20.8% effectiveness
Scientists from China's Henan University and also Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have actually reported an extremely efficient carbon electrode perovskite solar cell that apparently attains a power conversion efficiency of 20.8% while offering enhanced stability.
May 17, 2023 // Technology, China, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, CAS, Henan University and Chinese Academy of Sciences
Italy's FuturaSun to construct 10-GW solar cell manufacturing facility in China
Italian solar (PV) panel maker FuturaSun will certainly move into solar cell manufacturing, planning a factory in Huai'an, in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, which will at some point reach a yearly capacity of 10 GW.
May 12, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Italy, China, Europe, Asia, solar cell, FuturaSun
Auner introduces 30.83% effectiveness for huge perovskite silicon tandem solar cell
Beijing Yaoneng Technology Co. (Auner), a Chinese programmer of perovskite and also crystalline silicon lamination photovoltaic innovation and supplier of photovoltaic cells as well as components, has actually introduced that its 25cm ² perovskite silicon tandem PV cell has actually attained a secure conversion performance of 30.83% in the laboratory, which has reportedly been confirmed by China's National Institute of Metrology.
May 12, 2023 // Technology, China, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, silicon, Auner, tandem