Hebrew University Researchers Develop Flexible, Inkjet-Printed Semitransparent Solar Cells

Feb 28, 2023 11:14 AM ET
  • Researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel have developed a new type of flexible, semitransparent solar cell through inkjet printing. This technology advances the use of photovoltaics in existing windows and offers higher efficiency and improved mechanical properties.

What happened? 

Researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a new type of semitransparent solar cell which can be used in existing windows through a retrofitting process. The fabrication approach is based on inkjet printing pillars composed of polymerized N-vinylcaprolactam, followed by inkjet printing of a perovskite layer. This allows for digitally tuned semitransparency and improved mechanical properties. The flexible semitransparent solar cells achieved a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 9.14%, with an average transmittance of 29.3%. This research was published in the journal Advanced Energy Materials. 

Why does it matter? 

The use of semitransparent solar cells is becoming increasingly important in the field of building-integrated photovoltaics. This technology can be used to create glass windows that generate electricity while still allowing light to pass through. The advancement of this technology to flexible, inkjet-printed cells has the potential to revolutionize the way photovoltaics are used in existing windows. The improved mechanical properties of these cells allow for higher efficiency and longer life span, making them an ideal choice for retrofitting existing windows. 

What's next? 

This research is an important step forward in the development of photovoltaics for existing windows. The next step is to continue to develop the technology and make it more efficient and cost-effective. The team at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is also continuing to work on improving the mechanical properties of the cells to ensure they can withstand the elements and provide reliable energy generation. As this technology continues to improve, we may see more widespread adoption of semitransparent solar cells in existing windows.

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