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Photon recycling: The secret to high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
Scientists from TU Dresden, in cooperation with researchers at Seoul National University (SNU) and Korea University (KU), demonstrated the role of the re-use of photons (called 'photon recycling') and also light scattering effects in perovskite solar cells, supplying a pathway towards high-efficiency solar energy conversion. The study has been published in Science Developments.
Jan 17, 2022 // Technology, Germany, solar cells, Europe, perovskite, efficiency, Seoul National University, Korea University, Dresden University of Technology, SNU, KU, Karl Leo
New materials for extremely high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
A team of chemists from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania synthesized materials that were utilized for building a record-breaking perovskite solar module, with an efficiency of 21.4 percent. This was attained with the passivation of the active solar cell layer, which boosts the efficiency of the cell as well as substantially boosts its stability.
Jan 12, 2022 // Technology, Manufacturing News, solar cells, Europe, perovskite, Switzerland, Lithuania, efficiency, EPFL, Kaunas University of Technology, KTU, Kasparas Rakštys, Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology
Rapid prep work of CdSe thin-film solar cells
The silicon-based tandem solar cell is considered one of the most promising strategy to damage the theoretical performance restriction of single-junction Si solar cells.
Jan 11, 2022 // Technology, Manufacturing News, solar cells, efficiency, thin-film solar cells, Tang Jiang
Making solar cells effective, cheaper, recyclable: IIT-Guwahati finds a means
Perovskite-based devices are considered heavily utilized semiconductor materials as they are affordable and simple to make
Dec 30, 2021 // Technology, Manufacturing News, India, solar cells, Asia, photovoltaic cells, IIT-Guwahati, Recyclable Waste
Templating strategy stabilises 'perfect' material for alternative solar cells
Scientists have actually created an approach to maintain an appealing material known as perovskite for inexpensive solar cells, without jeopardizing its near-perfect performance.
Dec 27, 2021 // Technology, Manufacturing News, solar cells, perovskite, University of Cambridge, Tiarnan Doherty, Satyawan Nagane
Scientists create stable materials for a lot more effective solar cells
Scientists from Queen Mary University of London have created a new process for producing stable perovskite products to produce more reliable solar cells.
Dec 15, 2021 // Technology, UK, solar cells, Europe, perovskite, Queen Mary University of London, solar efficiency
N-type conductive tin sulfide thin films for eco-friendly solar cells
Tin sulfide (SnS) is an abundant, secure, as well as eco-friendly solar cell material. This low-cost material is anticipated to be used in next-generation solar cell panels.
Dec 14, 2021 // Technology, Japan, solar cells, Asia, thin-film solar cells, Tohoku University, Sakiko Kawanishi, Issei Suzuki
A tool to speed up growth of brand-new solar cells
In the ongoing race to create ever-better materials and also setups for solar cells, there are numerous variables that can be adapted to attempt to boost performance, including material type, thickness, as well as geometric arrangement.
Dec 13, 2021 // Technology, solar cells, MIT, Sean Mann, Giuseppe Romano
Unique method to produce lead halide perovskite solar cells with record efficiency
In a joint effort between Pavia University (Italy) as well as the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden at Technische Universität Dresden (Germany), scientists created a novel method to make lead halide perovskite solar cells with record performance. Results have been published in Science Advances.
Dec 6, 2021 // Technology, Germany, Italy, solar cells, Europe, perovskite, Yana Vaynzof, efficiency, Giulia Grancini, Pavia University, Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden, Technische Universität Dresden
Researchers show exactly how graphene can enhance perovskite solar cells
Recent research study has actually shown that the unification of graphene-related products enhances the performance and stability of perovskite solar cells. Graphene is hydrophobic, which can enhance a number of residential properties of perovskite solar cells.
Nov 25, 2021 // Technology, Spain, solar cells, Europe, perovskite, Graphene
Directional administration of interface problems achieved in perovskite solar cells
Organic-inorganic halide perovskite products have superb optical capture capacity and also carrier conductivity.
Nov 25, 2021 // Technology, China, solar cells, Asia, perovskite, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pan Xu, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, HFIPS
Ultrathin solar cells get a boost
Rice University engineers have accomplished a new standard in the style of atomically thin solar cells made from semiconducting perovskites, increasing their performance while keeping their capacity to withstand the atmosphere.
Nov 24, 2021 // Technology, USA, solar cells, perovskite, North America, Rice University, efficiency, Aditya Mohite
A strategy to make organic solar cells with performances over 17% utilizing non-harmful solvents
Over the past couple of years, designers have actually produced progressively sophisticated technologies to create as well as save energy a lot more sustainably. Solar cells made from organic particles or polymers are among the most promising sustainable energy solutions, as they are generally thin, light-weight and also flexible.
Nov 15, 2021 // Technology, China, solar cells, Asia, Soochow University, Haiyang Chen, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences
United States Department of Energy buys UToledo solar modern technology research study
In the race against climate modification, physicists at The University of Toledo are pushing the limits of solar electrical power to make certain a tidy energy future.
Nov 4, 2021 // Technology, USA, solar cells, North America, efficiency, Marcy Kaptur, Jennifer M. Granholm, The University of Toledo, Zhaoning Song
Tongwei and Trina Solar mark first ramp at 15GW cell, wafer facility
The very first production line at a 15GW solar wafer and also cell production center in Chengdu co-owned by Trina Solar as well as Tongwei has actually started to ramp.
Nov 4, 2021 // Manufacturing News, Tongwei, solar cells, polysilicon, Trina Solar, upstream, vertex, supply chain, solar wafers, large-format modules