Renewables Readiness Assessment: The Republic of Tunisia
Tunisia has actually experienced expanding dependence on imported fossil fuels over the past 20 years, mostly as a result of enhancing energy usage throughout its nationwide economic situation and also dropping domestic hydrocarbon production.
Jun 10, 2021 // Market Research, Tunisia, Africa
Does Solar Rechargeable Battery Worth the Cost?
If you’ve been trying to put in a solar array system recently, you’ve most likely stumble upon the subject of star batteries. Despite the very fact
Dec 4, 2021 // Blog
The ballooning potential of curved solar cells
Researchers in the U.S. claim to have developed a manufacturing process based on the use of a latex balloon that could lead to the production of more efficient curved electronic devices, including hemispherical solar cells.
Sep 27, 2019 // Technology, USA, Texas, Colorado, North America, flexible PV, hemispherical solar cells
Leading the way for lead-free perovskites
Researchers in Germany and also China have actually established an additive which substantially enhanced the efficiency of a tin-based perovskite solar battery. Cells made with the additive gotten to 9.1% effectiveness, and also the scientists state their job opens numerous brand-new opportunities to enhance the efficiency of lead-free perovskites.
May 15, 2020 // Technology, Germany, China, solar cells, Europe, Asia, perovskites, Meng Li
Fabric-based solar cells on the horizon
New textile-based solar cells developed by Fraunhofer researchers, semitrailers could soon be producing the electricity needed to power cooling systems or other onboard equipment. In short, textile-based solar cells could soon be adding a whole new dimension to photovoltaics, complementing the use of conventional silicon-based solar cells.
Aug 5, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Solar, Germany, Fraunhofer, textile-based solar cells, Europe
The Top 4 Benefits Of Solar Panels
Solar panels provide an excellent way to generate clean and free energy, which goes a long way in offsetting huge energy costs, among many other benefits.
Apr 15, 2021 // Solar, Benefits Of Solar Panels
Analyzing solar panel materials at the microscale
Prior to making the financial investment in an array of solar panels, prospective buyers may wonder: The length of time will the modern technology last prior to it breaks down?
Sep 15, 2022 // Technology, solar panel, Xiaohong Gu, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Stephanie Moffitt, Po-Chang Pan
The weekend read: Next steps for HJT
There is movement in the heterojunction space, but will it be enough to surpass PERC’s momentum? New production lines show promise, but they might also be the last roll of the dice for Swiss production equipment supplier Meyer Burger.
Oct 15, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Germany, China, Panasonic, Europe, Asia, meyer burger, PERC, topcon, Alpha Series HJT, Shankar G. Sridhara, Ethan S. Simon, Christian Knechtel, Götz Fischbeck
Gresham House, UKIB: Powering the Renewable Revolution
Gresham House and UKIB join forces to invest £140m in renewable energy and storage projects across the UK. Centrica and UKIB commit £65m cornerstone investment, Gresham House SIRES launch with 50MW solar and 75MWh battery storage project in Hartlepool. Unlock bigger revenues with renewable projects and energy storage!
Oct 26, 2023 // Storage, UK, Europe, Gresham House, UKIB
Timeline of the largest PV power stations
In this subcategory, we have compiled a timeline of the most essential milestones in the history of solar photovoltaic systems. The list includes the largest
Apr 29, 2020
JinkoSolar Joins the United Nations Global Compact
JinkoSolar, one of the biggest and also most ingenious solar module manufacturers worldwide, has actually revealed it has actually joined the United Nations (U.N.) Global Compact, the globe's biggest corporate sustainability initiative. Under the U.N. Global Compact, signatories are encouraged to align their procedures as well as techniques with key concepts on civils rights, labor, setting, and anti-corruption.
Apr 23, 2021 // Manufacturing News, JinkoSolar, Kangping Chen, UNGC, United Nations
Arctech To Supply 2.1 GW SkySmart II Trackers for the Largest PV Power Plant in the Middle East
The big win in the middle east's biggest solar project is remarkable for Arctech, which has actually been to boost its reach internationally. Numerous Chinese firms like Arctech, and Trina (which also supplies tracker services) have increased their offerings in the sector.
Sep 7, 2021 // Plants, Large-Scale, CMEC, solar trackers, arctech, Guy Rong, Al Dhafra PV2 Solar park, china national industrial machinery corporation, skymart II trackers
What is Off-the-grid (Off-Grid)?
See island system, stand-alone system.     ← Back to Solar Energy Glossary
Sep 13, 2023
Solar module rates in the United States to rise by 15.3% in Q2 because of the Covid-19 episode
The episode of Covid-19 has actually triggered considerable interruptions to markets worldwide, consisting of the United States as well as has actually motivated the United States Senate to pass a $2.2 tn emergency situation alleviation bundle, targeted at increasing its stumbling market.
Mar 27, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, USA, North America, covid-19
'Nuclear power is currently the most costly kind of generation, with the exception of gas peaking plants'
The most up to date edition of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report shows the torpidity of the sector continues. Simply 2.4 GW of brand-new nuclear generation capacity came online last year, compared to 98 GW of solar. The globe's operational nuclear power capacity had declined by 2.1%, to 362 GW, at the end of June.
Sep 24, 2020 // Market Research, France, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, North America, Turkey, Russia, United States