Gunkul Engineering buys 50-MWp solar project in Vietnam
on Monday it has paid USD 39.9 million (EUR 33.3 m) to become the owner of Vietnam-based Doan Son Thuy Investment JSC (DST), which is behind the Phong Dien II
Dec 1, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Asia, Vietnam, Solar Project, Gunkul Engineering, Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut
ADB leads $186 million financing for the biggest solar plant in Vietnam
Hoi neighborhood. It is the biggest solitary operating solar energy plant in Vietnam, along with one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. When finished, it will
Oct 23, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, ADB, Asia, Vietnam, PV Power Plant
WFW aids Vietnam floating solar project funding
gets on the manufactured tank that houses Da Mi hydro nuclear power plant, in Vietnam's Binh Thuan district. It is the very first large setup of floating solar PV
Apr 30, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Floating PV, Hong Kong, floating PV, Asia, Vietnam, Watson Farley & Williams
Sungrow Inks Pact with XBSolar to Boost Inverter Supply in Vietnam
commercial and also business (C&I) and also domestic inverter options to Vietnam within a year. Additionally, the inverter maker will certainly offer a large
Apr 9, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Inverters, Sungrow, China, Asia, Renewable Energy, solar inverter, bi-facial modules, DUONG Anh Dong, International, Thang Vu, XBSolar, Xuan Bach
Seraphim creating 750MW highly-automated module assembly plant in Vietnam
for 250MW of yearly capability at the new facility, its very first in Vietnam. Seraphim already has market rate of interests in Vietnam, having
Dec 9, 2020 // Manufacturing News, pv power plants, c-si manufacturing, Asia, monocrystalline wafer, PERC, fitch solutions, Vietnam, seraphim, Jun Zhuge, solar module
Vietnam Solar Supporters Plan a 'Million Green Homes'
Vietnamese advocates of solar power have begun a "Million Green Homes" project, aimed at spreading the use of solar power in the country instead of coal and other fossil fuels. The project is being undertaken by the new Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action, formed in August by a group of leaders from business, academia and public organizations, and is designed to use a combination of public outreach and financial initiatives to get solar power on an additional million buildings. Despite the "homes" in the project name, it is aimed at any small electricity consumers, especially those that can't afford the cost of converting to solar power on their own, such as farms, small businesses, offices, and public buildings, such as hospitals and schools. A business in Ho Chi Minh City promotes solar panels, one of the sources of renewable energy being considered by Vietnam. FILE - A business in Ho Chi Minh City promotes solar panels. The project will focus on two types of solar power — panels connected to the national power grid that can supply electricity broadly and panels that generate electricity solely for the buildings to which they are attached. Advocates are also encouraging Vietnamese to use more solar power for uses ranging from stoves to water heaters. The project is being conducted by the Green Innovation and Development Centre, a Hanoi-based organization that promotes sustainable development in Vietnam and the Mekong region. The project is now examining how to spread awareness and make solar power affordable to under-served communities. The center will start a pilot project next year for new solar power consumers all across Vietnam, including Hanoi in the north and several provinces, such as Thua Thien-Hue in central Vietnam, Dak Lak in the central highlands, and  An Giang and Hau Giang in the south. The project will identify households and other small consumers eligible for support and help them install solar panels. Environmentalists are pushing ahead with the effort, even though renewable energy discussions here have largely focused on government policies and corporate issues, and foreign investors want to be paid more for their electricity before they invest in solar power. "Climate change poses a real threat to the natural environment that supports all of humanity and the critical habitats that we work to protect," said Van Ngoc Thinh, Vietnam country director of the World Wide Fund For Nature, one of the members of the coalition. "I call on all committed leaders from across the private sector, universities, subnational governments, and civil society to join the VCCA to take climate action," he added. Coal plans Another environmental organization in the climate alliance, the Ho Chi Minh City-based Center of Hands-on Actions and Networking for Growth and Environment, or CHANGE,  stressed in an email "the urgency of forming the alliance and the specific actions the alliance can contribute to promoting the use of rooftop solar [photovoltaic cells] and other energy-saving and green solutions." Much of that urgency comes from Vietnam's increasing use of coal for energy, even while it considers itself one of the countries most at threat from climate change. The World Wide Fund For Nature in Vietnam said the Southeast Asian country plans to increase the number of coal-fired power plants from 20 now to 51 by 2030, which would cause carbon dioxide emissions to increase even more than expected. Even amid government policies favoring more coal-fired plants, the government has expressed support for new types of energy sources. "Vietnam's government always encourages the development and effective use of renewable energy sources," Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung said at an event this summer.
Oct 4, 2019 // Plants, Residential, Grids, Rooftop PV, Asia, rooftop PV, Vietnam, Van Ngoc Thinh, Trinh Dinh Dung
Sembcorp indications collaboration agreement to create 1.5 GW of renewables in Vietnam
develop a pipe of as much as 1.5 GW of solar as well as wind projects in Vietnam. Vietnam has prioritised the development of renewable resource
Dec 10, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Asia, Vietnam, sembcorp industries, sembcorp, bamboo capital
EDF establishes sights on Vietnam's solar market via SkyX Solar investment
of rooftop solar and also distributed power jobs for C&I consumers in Vietnam over the next three years, improving the recent success of Vietnam's
Oct 15, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Asia, rooftop solar, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, EDF Renewables, skyx solar
Hexagon Peak and also Inpos to Develop Biggest Roof Solar System in Vietnam
had subsidiary of Foxconn Group for the biggest rooftop solar system in Vietnam with a small power result of 6 MWp to be constructed by Inpos. The system is
Jul 23, 2020 // Plants, Rooftop PV, Asia, rooftop solar, Vietnam, International, Foxconn, Hexagon Peak, Inpos, Dzung Nguyen
Enel Green Power begins business in Vietnam
Vietnam officially launched in December 2021, and also is currently servicing improving the 915-MW advanced-stage project pipe to 1,600 MW by the end of the year,
Aug 9, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, Asia, enel green power, Vietnam
Vietnam adds 4 GWp of solar plants in Q2 2019
in the nation to 6,314 MWp. The variety of functional solar installments in Vietnam was 102 since June 2019. To keep up with the new capability included, EVN has
Sep 7, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, pv power plants, Asia, Vietnam
GreenYellow purchases Qair's unit in Vietnam, stake in 50-MWp solar park
was agreed upon in August as well as includes Qair's regional group in Vietnam. As part of the setup, GreenYellow has taken possession of Qair's 70% stake in
Nov 28, 2022 // Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, PV Power Plant, GreenYellow
ADB leads US$ 186 million funding for Vietnam solar plant
Province. The project is the biggest solitary operating solar energy plant in Vietnam and also among the largest in Southeast Asia. It will help to decrease 123,000
Oct 13, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Asia, Vietnam, Asian Development Bank, JackiecSurtani, Dang Trung Kien
Super Energy Corp to Purchase Solar Projects Well Worth 750 MW in Vietnam
financial investment in solar energy projects by a subsidiary of the firm in Vietnam, for 4 projects with a complete set up ability of 750 megawatts (MW). Based
Mar 31, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Asia, Vietnam, International, Super Energy Corporation
Vietnam to keep the existing feed in tariff for one more year
Vietnam Electricity has announced it is going to keep the FIT for rooftop-mount photovoltaic stations below 100 kilowatt at USD 0.0935 per kilowatt-hour until the end of the year.  Earlier, it was offered to reduce the price down to USD 0.0838 per kilowatt-hour. It is Vietnam’s MOIT who has proposed to keep the existing rate unchanged. The Ministry states that it is vital for the country to continue deploying commercial and residential solar power. EVN has also been appointed responsible for proper connection of the newly deployed solar plants according to applicable regulations and with no grid constraints creation. Last month, the Ministry announced its inclination to stop providing subsidies for large scale photovoltaic systems via FIT and start launching auctions instead. For Ninh Thuận, the program was extended for a year, for the capacity of 2 gigawatts, even though the form was modified. A fortnight later, MOIT insisted Vietnam Electricity and local governments were to suspend the approval of new large scale solar ventures according to the feed in tariff program.  The program was accepted in the country in spring of 2017, which has resulted in the development of about 4.5 gigawatts of PV capacity. As of 2019, only 4 percent of the nation’s electricity demand is supplied by renewables. In 2021, Vietnam targets to provide 7 percent of electricity from green sources. In a ten years’ period, the country aims to increase this figure up to 10 percent.
Jan 27, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Tariffs, Rooftop PV, Asia, rooftop PV, Vietnam

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