Cenfura, C4D to Tokenise Renewable Assets in South Africa
has entered into an agreement with C4D to tokenise microgrid assets in South Africa. The partnership will construct and operate the solar PV and battery
Jan 29, 2020 // Storage, Grids, solar pv, Africa, South Africa, Microgrids, International, C4D, Cenfura
ArcelorMittal looks for solar PPAs for 150 MW in South Africa
South Africa, an unit of Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal Holdings, has welcomed independent power manufacturers (IPP) to submit job proposals for solar parks
Jul 14, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Africa, South Africa, arcelormittal
Scatec Solar finishes initial stage of 258MW PV project in South Africa
to an additional landmark with the grid link of our 4th solar energy plant in South Africa, with an incorporated capability of 276MW. South Africa remains to be a
Feb 19, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Raymond Carlsen, Scatec Solar, Africa
Online marketplace Sun Exchange powers solar projects in South Africa
to online buyers around the world and leases them to schools and businesses in South Africa. The buyers then receive monthly payments based on how much electricity is
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Scatec Solar Announces Completion of 258 MW Solar Project in South Africa
and also began business procedure of the 3rd 86 MW solar plant in Upington, South Africa, finishing the 258 MW solar energy facility. The 86 MW center, called Dyason's
Apr 7, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Raymond Carlsen, Scatec Solar, Africa, South Africa, International
South Africa proposes voluntary reduction of tariffs awarded in first three REIPPPP rounds
South African government has offered renewable power project owners the option of voluntarily reducing the payments they receive per kilowatt-hour of electricity
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Scatec Solar Commissions 2nd Unit in 258 MW Solar Complex in South Africa
MW system, the secondly of 3, of the 258 MW solar energy facility in Upington, South Africa. The 86 MW center, called Dyason's Klip 1, is anticipated to create 217 GWh of
Feb 26, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Raymond Carlsen, Scatec Solar, Africa, South Africa, International
Ford's Silverton Factory In South Africa Is Getting A Massive 13.5 MW Of Solar PV
power by 2024 by adding biomass, biogas, and bio syngas to the generation mix. South Africa has actually been experiencing regular power outages as the energy business
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South Africa plans to allocate at least 6 GW of large scale solar by 2030
South Africa’s Department of Energy (DoE) has released a new ten-year energy strategy: the Integrated Resource Plan.   The government has made clear solar, wind and gas projects will supply most of the nation’s future generation capacity although contracted coal power plants will be developed and a further 1.5 GW of new coal generation capacity is expected by 2030.   The DoE envisages 114 MW of already-awarded solar capacity will come online next year with a further 300 MW of projects with signed power purchase agreements due to be added in 2021. Another 400 MW of contracted solar capacity is expected to be commissioned in 2022 and the DoE expects another gigawatt of newly-procured capacity in three years’ time.   The department is planning to allocate a gigawatt of solar per year in 2023, 2025 and 2028-30, with no new solar anticipated in 2024, 2026 or 2027. If those expectations are realized, South Africa would have 8.28 GW of utility-scale solar capacity in 2030, with PV supplying just 10.5% of its power mix.   Wind power capacity is expected to grow from around 1.98 GW today to 17.7 GW by the end of the decade, to make up 22.5% of the energy mix according to the Integrated Resource Plan.   Coal lingers   Coal would still account for around 43% of South Africa’s generation capacity in 2030 under the strategy, with around 33.36 GW of installed plant capacity, of which 750 MW would be procured in 2023 and the same amount in 2027.   “Beyond [the] Medupi and Kusile [thermal power stations], coal will continue to play a significant role in electricity generation in South Africa in the foreseeable future as it is the largest base of the installed generation capacity and it makes up the largest share of energy generated,” stated the strategy document. The Medupi and Kusile plants are struggling with building delays and low reliability due to “design flaws” that are compounding generation capacity shortfalls.   The DoE said around 11 GW of operational coal capacity will be decommissioned over the next decade and a further 24 GW will be shuttered in 2030-50. However, fossil fuel-based gas and diesel generation capacity is forecast to grow from around 3.83 GW to 6.38 GW in 2030, raising their share of the national power mix to 8.1%.   The strategy also provides for around 6 GW of new small scale generation capacity – termed ‘embedded generation’ in South Africa – up to 2030, without offering further specifics. “As we plan for the next decade, this technological uncertainty is expected to continue and this calls for caution as we make assumptions and [commitments] for the future in a rapidly changing environment,” the South African government stated in the document.   Still diversifying   The new plan still places renewables and storage as an opportunity to diversify South Africa’s energy mix rather than as the central pillar of a post-fossil fuel system, as is happening elsewhere around the world.   The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association welcomed the Integrated Resource Plan, which was published on Friday. The association said the publication of solar ambitions provided developers with a measure of certainty, even if the proposed future energy mix does not appear to have been based on least-cost assumptions.   “We will continue to engage the minister of DMRE [the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy] to find mechanisms to smooth out the gaps presented in 2024, 2026 and 2027, where no solar PV is envisaged to be added to the grid,” the trade body said in a press release.   The association said it noted the strategy is a document which can be amended to reflect changing scenarios and called for the government to bring forward more clean energy auction capacity under the planned fifth round of the national Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Program. Small scale solar too, could benefit from the predicted need for more energy sources, added the lobby group, noting the original call for 2 GW of small scale project capacity up to 2030 had been raised to 6 GW in the final strategy document.   “The allocation to embedded generation – based [on] short term capacity and energy gaps – are great portents for the sector’s future,” said the solar body.
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South Africa launches request for propositions for 1GW of solar PV
attached to the grid "immediately", provided the ongoing energy challenges South Africa is encountering. State utility Eskom has actually been executing power
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South Africa PV industry welcomes 6GW allocation despite time gaps
decision by South Africa's Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to allocate 6GW of new large-scale solar over the next decade has been welcomed by the
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South Africa starts 2 GW tech-neutral tender to improve power supply
South African Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) has actually released a tech-neutral purchase of 2 GW of temporary risk-mitigation ability, which will
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South Africa to tender 6.4 GW of solar and wind, 513 MW of storage and 4.5 GW of conventional generation
South Africa's minister of mineral resources and energy, Gwede Mantashe, has announced the National Energy Regulator of South Africa has approved a government plan to tender almost 12 GW of power generation capacity. The decision will enable the government to procure generation capacity in line with the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2019), said Mantashe. The IRP aims for up to 6 GW of new large scale solar by 2030, as well as 6 GW of distributed-generation capacity. The government's new procurement scheme comes on top of 2 GW of short-term, risk-mitigation generation capacity the government is tendering through a technology-neutral exercise launched late last month. The first tender for wind and solar power will likely constitute the long-expected fifth round of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP). "The capacity determined is 6,800 MW, to be generated from renewable energy sources (photovoltaic and wind), 513 MW to be generated from storage, 3,000 MW to be generated from gas and 1,500 MW to be generated from coal," said Mantashe. "Work has commenced with key stakeholders, including the [energy] buyer, to firm up on the framework critical for the bankability of the program," said Mantashe, without revealing further details. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimated South Africa had 2,561 MW of solar generation capacity at the end of last year, most of it driven by the REIPPPP incentives scheme.
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The Renewable Energy Transition in Africa
sector in 5 Africa countries: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Rwanda as well as South Africa. Particularly established by IRENA, country study show the real-life
Mar 23, 2021 // Market Research, Africa
South African chemicals manufacturer looks for bids for 20 MW of PV
South Africa-based chemicals manufacturer Sasol has kicked off an ask for proposals (RFP) procedure to seek independent power producers for 2 PV plants that will power its procedures in Secunda, Mpumalanga district, as well as Sasolburg, Free State province. Interested independent power manufacturers have till Oct. 2 to submit their propositions. "We are delighted to introduce the RFP, which develops part of our more comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) exhaust reduction ambition and relocates us onward on our journey to accomplishing our target of a 10% GHG emission reduction by 2030," stated the firm's principal sustainability officer, Hermann Wenhold. The winning IPPs will certainly possess as well as operate the plants. They will sell power to Sasol under long-term PPAs. In May, Sasol began to seek companions to potentially deploy renewable energy projects by starting a request for info (RFI) process to protect power products for its residential operations from 600 MW of renewables. The team stated that the projects would each need to go beyond 20 MW of capacity. It will certainly create them either as wheeled choices from suitable places across South Africa, or as ingrained choices near Sasol's centers in Sasolburg and also Secunda. South African organisations are relying on solar and also renewables to reduce their dependence on struggling energy Eskom. In mid-July, ArcelorMittal South Africa, a system of Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal Holdings, welcomed independent power manufacturers to submit project proposals for solar arrays at 6 sites in South Africa, with a minimal project dimension of 10 MW each.
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