ABO Wind offers 200MW South Africa solar

Sep 15, 2022 10:42 AM ET
  • Buyer SOLA Group has actually already executed a PPA for the sites with mine driver Tronox
ABO Wind offers 200MW South Africa solar
Image: ABO Wind

ABO Wind has marketed the project civil liberties to 2 100MW solar projects in South Africa to domestic designer SOLA Group.

SOLA, an independent power producer, has currently concluded an exclusive power acquisition agreement (PPA) for the projects with the mine operator Tronox.

According to SOLA, these are Africa's largest renewable resource projects funded with a business PPA to day.

Most renewable energy projects in South Africa receive a government-subsidised tariff, which is awarded via tenders.

Construction is about to begin as well as SOLA prepares to have the projects functional in 2023.

" These project sales are our very first major success in South Africa," claims Robert Wagener, the Head of Department at ABO Wind that is accountable for the nation.

" We are particularly pleased since these are the first projects with which we had begun our advancement tasks in South Africa."

The sale contracts were checked in 2021.

Now that the buyers have actually gotten to financial close, the agreements have come to be binding.

"The participation with ABO Wind brings us closer to our goal of advancing clean power in Africa. We are proud that the projects are now completely South African owned and also financed, developed, run, and also handled below in the country," stated Chris Haw, Founder and Executive Director of the SOLA Group.

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