Czechia wants another 1.9 GW of solar by 2030
Czechia’s deputy prime minister and minister of industry and trade, Karel Havlicek, has announced the country’s renewable energy target has been raised from 20.8% to 22%. Clean energy supplies 15.6% of the nation’s electricity.   Havlicek said solar power would be expected to contribute 1.9 GW of new generation capacity by 2030. Czechia had around 2,080 MW of solar installed at the end of 2019 but of that figure, only 7 MW was added last year and only around 30 MW in the last five years.   The authorities have not spelled out how the raised renewables target could be achieved or whether solar would continue to be excluded from renewable energy capacity auctions.   Ignored potential   “The new targets are certainly a success given that a year ago the Czech ministry did not want to see any significant growth of PV other than a few megawatts in residential PV annually,” Czech trade body Solární Asociace told pv magazine in a statement. “The target, however, still falls short of the technical and economic potential, which could be much higher, between 3 GW and 9 GW until 2030.”   The solar trade body said no policy measures are in place to achieve 1.9 GW more solar by 2030, especially given there appears little prospect of any energy capacity auction being held this year or next.   “The Ministry of Industry and Trade has still not managed to finalize the draft law amendment that would introduce auctions,” the PV association said. “In the current draft, solar PV is still excluded [from auctions].”   PV hostility   Solární Asociace said the government expects large scale solar to be built either without subsidy or using investment subsidies.   The association accused Czech president Miloš Zeman of wanting to destroy the country’s solar sector, with prime minister Andrej Babiš and deputy PM Havlicek doing little to resist retroactive charges for solar. “With this threat, it is questionable whether investors and banks would be ready to invest into new large scale solar in the near future,” added the organization.   Most of the nation’s PV capacity was installed betweeen 2009 and 2011 under a feed-in tariff (FIT) regime since decried by the media as too generous amid accusations of fraud by the country’s “solar barons”. In 2014, a special solar tax of 26% was levied on FITs paid to large scale facilities connected in 2010.   Weak prospects   Solární Asociace expects 20-30 MW of new residential and commercial PV capacity in Czechia this year. “Given a shortage on the Czech labour market, we do not expect that distributed generation can generate growth above 40-50 MW per year,” it added.   The nation provides incentives for rooftop PV through a Green Savings Program, and to solar-plus-storage projects through a separate dedicated scheme.
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Gravitricity discovers Czech coal mine for MW-scale storage
include a current goal to the Staric mine in the Moravian Silesian area of Czechia, where 6 deep mining sites were formally transitioned right into an article
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Lower-income EU nations obtain EUR 2.4 bn to pursue green transition
dispensations are as adheres to: EUR 1.1 billion to Romania, EUR 1 billion to Czechia, EUR 197 million to Bulgaria, EUR 47 million to Poland, EUR 88 million to
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Renewables Trump Fossil Fuels in Europe for H1 2020: Report
is not equivalent: Poland is now Europe's greatest coal generator and Czechia is the 3rd largest. For countries like Poland and also Czechia there is
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European coal fleet will run at a loss of €6.57bn this year
year are in Germany (which could lose €1.97 billion), Spain (€922 million) and Czechia (€899 million), according to the study. The utilities facing the stiffest
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Czech utility CEZ further invests in solar
CEZ Group owns and operates around 120 MW of solar power plant capacity in Czechia and a 5 MW solar park in Bulgaria. All its Czech plants were deployed in 2009
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Austria's Enery buys 71-MW solar PV portfolio in Czechia
Vienna-based renewable resource company Enery Development GmbH introduced that it has gotten a 71-MW portfolio of operational solar farms in the Czech Republic from funds managed by CEE Equity Partners Ltd
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EIB sustains Gravitricity European storage plans
at the just recently mothballed Staric mine in the Moravian Silesian region of Czechia. Bank-appointed professionals have started reviewing test results from
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Ukraine retroactive FIT cuts far from globally approved
of from international banks," said Shakalov. Spain, Italy as well as Czechia have all turned to retroactive FIT cuts in the past-- as well as paid a
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