Queensland's Solar Panel Recycling Scheme: Turning Waste into Opportunity
Queensland's innovative USD 3.6 million pilot programme recycles solar panels, reducing landfill waste and creating new jobs in the renewable energy sector.
Apr 16, 2024 // Manufacturing News, queensland, solar panel, recycling
Acciona's Aldoga Solar Park: Queensland's Green Energy Milestone
Powering the future: Acciona Energia's Aldoga solar park in Queensland to fuel green hydrogen production for export and local industries by 2025.
Apr 15, 2024 // Plants, queensland, Acciona, PV Power Plant
Metis Energy Secures Off-Taker for Queensland Solar Park
Metis Energy Ltd partners with SmartestEnergy Australia for 111-MWp Gunsynd Solar Farm in Queensland, set to power 32,000 homes annually by 2025.
Apr 3, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, queensland, PV Power Plant, Metis Energy
Queensland's 22-GW Renewables Roadmap Unveiled
Queensland's ambitious REZ Roadmap aims for 80% renewables by 2035, connecting 22 GW of new capacity across 12 locations. A green future is on the horizon!
Mar 27, 2024 // Plants, queensland
APA Unveils Largest Remote-Grid Solar Park in Queensland
APA Group shines bright with the opening of Australia's largest remote-grid solar park in Mount Isa, powering mining operations and 90,000 homes with renewable energy.
Mar 22, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, queensland, PV Power Plant, APA Group
Chinchilla Battery: Powering Queensland's Future
CS Energy's 100-MW battery in Chinchilla is a game-changer for Queensland's energy grid, providing stability and reducing price volatility. A milestone in renewable energy progress.
Mar 4, 2024 // Storage, queensland, CS Energy
CleanCo's 250-MW Tesla Battery Powers Queensland's Clean Energy
CleanCo's groundbreaking 250-MW battery project with Tesla and Yurika at Swanbank site signals a shift towards renewable energy in Queensland. Fully operational by mid-2025.
Feb 19, 2024 // Storage, TESLA, queensland, cleanco
Genex Partners with PCL to Build Massive Queensland Solar Park
Genex Power selects PCL Constructors as preferred contractor for Bulli Creek solar park, a massive project set to revolutionize renewable energy in Queensland, Australia.
Jan 31, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, queensland, Genex Power, Solar Park, PCL
Coles Supermarkets Go 95% Renewable in QLD
Coles Group Ltd (ASX:COL) is now sourcing 95% of Queensland's electricity demand from renewable resources - the 400-MW Western Downs solar park supplying enough energy to power 235,000 homes. Coles is committed to powering its outlets with 100% renewables by 2025.
Dec 8, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, queensland, Coles Group Ltd
Multi-Billion Polysilicon Factory for QLD
Investment manager Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners is making a multi-billion-dollar move in North Queensland, Australia - creating a polysilicon factory powered by green energy, to produce silica quartz for solar panels & batteries. Over 1,000 jobs in construction & operation await - subject to government approvals. Townsville & the region are set for a sustainable technology hub & new job opportunities!
Oct 31, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Australia, queensland, Oceania, quinbrook infrastructure partners
Windorah's Second Chance at Solar: Outback Town Revives Renewable Hope
Discover how Windorah, a remote town in western Queensland, is replacing its failed solar dish farm with a new $4.5 million solar farm that promises to meet the town's electricity needs. Ergon Energy is taking steps to ensure success and the locals are cautiously hopeful.
Oct 19, 2023 // Plants, queensland, Windorah
Octopus Snaps Up Queensland's Largest Battery
Octopus Investments Australia has acquired the largest 500-MW/1,000-MWh battery energy storage project in Queensland. 70,000 homes can benefit from this project's energy potential. Octopus anticipates a final investment decision in 2025 and is offering competitive PPAs.
Oct 4, 2023 // Storage, queensland, Octopus
600MW Solar Park in Queensland Gets Gov't Green Light
Edify Energy has been granted federal approval for a 600-MW solar project in Queensland, providing enough energy to power 200,000 homes and up to 350 jobs. Project funding is now being sought before construction can begin with strict environment conditions in place to protect the natural landscape.
Oct 2, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, queensland, Edify Energy, PV Power Plant, Solar Park
IHI Leads Japan's 1GW Hydrogen Export for Queensland
IHI Corp joins consortium behind innovative HyNQ - North Queensland Energy Project, an integrated green hydrogen & ammonia production & export complex powered by behind-the-meter wind & solar plants. Pre-FEED study complete, FEED to start Q1 2024, launch 2027/2028.
Sep 15, 2023 // Solar to Fuel, Japan, Asia, queensland, green hydrogen, IHI Corp
CIMIC Acquires 300MW Solar Project in Qld
CIMIC Group's unit Pacific Partnerships acquires rights to develop 300-MW DC solar project in Queensland, capable of providing power for around 100,000 average-sized homes. Juan Santamaria notes Queensland is strategic focus for their diversified energy and utilities portfolio. Engineering, procurement and construction to be managed with an aim to commission in 2026.
Aug 17, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, queensland, Solar Project, CIMIC