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Renewables curtailment 'will help to bridge the gap' in creating green hydrogen
Powering electrolysers with renewables generation that would certainly otherwise be stopped could be an efficient approach for generating green hydrogen in the coming years until the H2 sector gain from additional price declines, it was recommended throughout a panel discussion.
May 19, 2022 // Plants, Storage, Grids, Solar to Fuel, Portugal, Europe, iberia, grid congestion, green hydrogen, curtailment, Endesa, behind the meter, Eurowind Energy, hybridisation, Green Hydrogen Summit 2022
Sumitomo Electric brings 51MWh flow battery online in northern Japan
Among the globe's biggest vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) power storage systems has actually come online on the north Japanese island of Hokkaido in the last few days.
Apr 6, 2022 // Storage, Japan, Asia, grid congestion, Sumitomo Electric, Vanadium, flow battery, hokkaido
Terna to invest US$ 10.45 bn to improve Italy's grid, expanding cross-border connections
Italian grid driver Terna will certainly invest EUR9.5 billion (US$ 10.45 billion) to aid improve the country's nationwide transmission grid and construct cross-border affiliations, paving the way for less complicated accessibility for renewables.
Mar 25, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, Grids, Italy, Europe, grid congestion, Terna, Stefano Donnarumma
PJM breakthroughs efforts to clear renewables stockpile with affiliation reform procedure
US power grid operator PJM Interconnection is advancing with initiatives to shift to a brand-new affiliation process as it aims to clear a stockpile of projects including more than 136GW of solar capacity.
Feb 14, 2022 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Policy, FERC, PJM, grid congestion, RTOs, advanced energy economy
Record 462GW of solar capability looking for grid interconnection across the US
A record quantity of solar capacity and energy storage is currently in US transmission interconnection lines, according to a new research study from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Berkeley Lab).
May 25, 2021 // Plants, Storage, Grids, ENERGY STORAGE, solar-plus-storage, interconnection, grid congestion, grid connection, solar hybrid, lawrence berkeley national laboratory
Solar implementation in Australia 'substantially higher' than previously forecast
Australia's electricity grid faces blockage and also power security concerns over the following few years as even more solar power capacity is set up at faster rates than formerly expected.
May 24, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, Australia, rooftop PV, Oceania, grid congestion, power security
Big Scale Digital: Grid not COVID-19 the vital fight in advance for Iberian solar
A failing to manage continuous grid chaos can impede Iberia's eco-friendly development aspirations this years a lot more than the COVID-19 situation itself, according to audio speakers at Solar Media's Large Scale Digital Summit.
May 20, 2020 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, Grids, Policy, Spain, Europe, iberia, Pablo OtĂ­n, large-scale solar, grid congestion, Coronavirus, covid-19, speculation, solar bubble
Netherlands to restrict grid linking requests to alleviate congestion
A controversial move by network operators has laid bare once more the Netherlands’ issues with grid overcrowding, with PV projects now set for connection delays in under-pressure areas.
Oct 3, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Grids, Europe, Netherlands, subsidies, dutch solar, holland solar, grid congestion, Liander, Enexis