cooling system

Titanium oxide nanofluid-based cooling technique for PV panels
Indian and also Malaysian researchers have actually created a brand-new cooling system including a set up back-channel connected on the back sides of photovoltaic panels, to funnel circulations of titanium oxide and water. They made use of a 0.6% nanofluid focus-- the optimal value of nanoparticle focus in water.
Sep 10, 2020 // Technology, India, Asia, cooling system
Parabolic bifacial module with active cooling system
Researchers in Morocco have actually made a brand-new bifacial module with a cooling system, based upon bifacial parabolic solar cells that are attached to each various other through tubes for panel cooling. They are currently patenting the tech, however have yet to produce a first prototype.
Jun 22, 2020 // Technology, Africa, Morocco, Parabolic bifacial module, cooling system, USMBA, El Ghzizal