Parabolic bifacial module with active cooling system

Jun 22, 2020 12:56 PM ET
  • Researchers in Morocco have actually made a brand-new bifacial module with a cooling system, based upon bifacial parabolic solar cells that are attached to each various other through tubes for panel cooling. They are currently patenting the tech, however have yet to produce a first prototype.
Parabolic bifacial module with active cooling system
Image: USMBA

Researchers at Morocco's Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (USMBA) have developed a bifacial crystalline PV module based on a reflector innovation, with an embedded active cooling system.

The module, which is currently being patented, is based on bifacial parabolic polymer solar batteries that are attached per other with two various kinds of tubes utilized for panel cooling. Yellow tubes link the solar battery strings up and down as well as are visible on the front side. Blue tubes connect the strings horizontally and are unseen from the outside, as they are positioned in the middle of the backside and also at the junctions between the reflectors.

Each string is linked to the other with a change of one fifty percent from the nearby cell by connecting the yellow tube of each string with the blue tube of the other string. By doing this, a shift is created in between the strings as well as sunlight can pass through the holes to be mirrored by the parabolic mirrors on the cell behind.

Via this alternate connection of PV strings, heaven tubes are able to cool the cells in the center, while the yellow tubes execute the same task at the cells' extremities. "We are currently checking several transparent liquids to acquire the very best temperature level dissipation," among the researchers, Professor Abdelaziz El Ghzizal, informed pv magazine.

The panel architecture might supply considerable gains in return by incorporating the cooling result of the tubes with the added power delivered by the solar batteries' backside. The panel performance must be reviewed, with the initial examinations to be carried out on a cell with 2 incorporated sides.

" The model remains in progression, and also we are starting to establish relate to outside entities to increase its development," El Ghzizal said. "We are open for more partnerships in this sense."

As for the cell innovation that will be made use of in the panels, El Ghzizal stated that various products and also cell kinds are being tested to make sure high performance at affordable.

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