First phase of 800MWh world largest flow battery commissioned in China
Commissioning has occurred of a 100MW/400MWh vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) energy storage system in Dalian, China.
Jul 22, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, Storage, China, Asia, VRFB, electrolyte, Vanadium, flow battery, demonstration projects
Invinity to deploy vanadium flow battery at solar-plus-storage project in Alberta, Canada
Invinity Energy Systems will provide vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology to a solar-plus-storage project in Alberta, Canada.
Feb 4, 2022 // Plants, Storage, Canada, VRFB, North America, solar-plus-storage project, Invinity Energy Systems
Stryten Energy includes Storion's VRFB storage technology to available suite of solutions
The assets of Storion Energy, a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology company, have actually been purchased by Stryten Energy, an energy storage solution supplier. Storion's VRFB technology is excellent for applications that require greater than four hours of storage capacity to release clean energy on demand from eco-friendly resources such as solar and wind energy. These applications consist of utility-scale storage, microgrids and also army bases.
Jan 24, 2022 // Storage, vanadium redox flow battery, VRFB, Stryten Energy, Storion Energy, Mike Judd, Tim Vargo
United States Vanadium Introduces $2.1 M Manufacturing Capacity Expansion
American chemicals producer US Vanadium has actually announced a $2.1 million expansion of its manufacturing capacity for ultra-high-purity electrolyte made use of by grid-level vanadium flow batteries (VRFB).
Sep 6, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Storage, USA, VRFB, North America, Vanadium, CellCube, Enerox GmbH, ultra-high-purity electrolyte, vanadium flow batteries
MoU for vanadium redox flow battery collaboration in Australia
Australian Vanadium and Metrowest Power Systems have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to look at energy storage opportunities in Australia using vanadium redox flow battery technology.
Aug 21, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Storage, storage, Australia, Oceania, Vanadium and Metrowest Power Systems, memorandum, vanadium redox flow battery, EPC Metrowest Power Systems, VSUN Energy, Vincent Algar, VRFB, CellCube Energy Storage Systems, Pangea Energy, Pangea Storage Project