Stryten Energy includes Storion's VRFB storage technology to available suite of solutions

Jan 24, 2022 10:33 AM ET
  • The assets of Storion Energy, a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology company, have actually been purchased by Stryten Energy, an energy storage solution supplier. Storion's VRFB technology is excellent for applications that require greater than four hours of storage capacity to release clean energy on demand from eco-friendly resources such as solar and wind energy. These applications consist of utility-scale storage, microgrids and also army bases.
Stryten Energy includes Storion's VRFB storage technology to available suite of solutions

" The procurement of Storion will certainly include a flow battery technology R&D facility to complement Stryten's four North American R&D centers concentrated on sophisticated lead and lithium energy storage solutions for our essential power, motive power, transport, army and federal government consumers," said Mike Judd, President and Chief Operating Policeman of Stryten Energy. "The combination of Stryten's team of 2,500 employees and also our more than 2 million sq. feet of manufacturing area brings the commercial resources required to establish a trustworthy vendor of long-duration batteries that are crafted and generated in the united state"

Storion's proprietary VRFB style solves the energy-to-power tradeoff for batteries. Batteries available today have the prospective to provide standby power for longer durations when operated at a fraction of the battery's power rating. On the other hand, Storion's VRFB technology increases a battery's capabilities to operate for numerous hrs without sacrificing its power or the speed at which it can release energy, by merely including even more electrolytes to the system.

Storion's VRFB integrates several advancements to achieve pioneering energy storage efficiency allowing increased use of renewables, consisting of:

  • Domestically sourced vanadium that is quickly recycled
  • Boosted power density and also lowered battery downtime
  • Prospective of endless cycle life with proper upkeep
  • High-temperature scores and also thermally risk-free
  • Scalable to fulfill varying energy storage capacity requirements

" We are excited to welcome the skilled Storion group to Stryten Energy," claimed Tim Vargo, Chief Executive Officer of Stryten Energy. "The clean energy transition in the united state needs trusted battery solutions throughout numerous chemistries to meet the expanding demand for eco-friendly power. The addition of Storion's exclusive vanadium redox flow battery technology to Stryten's Essential Power portfolio of energy solutions will certainly broaden our capabilities to solve our nation's current and future energy challenges, while placing Stryten for success in the swiftly expanding long-duration energy storage market."

Storion's VRFB technology will broaden the portfolio of Stryten's freshly created Essential Power department, which supplies a suite of sophisticated lead as well as lithium battery technologies and also services, consisting of chargers as well as racking systems, used for backup power for the armed forces and federal government, telecommunications, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), railway, utility, microgrid and also sustainable markets with the enhancement of long-duration energy storage capabilities.

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