Squad Mobility

Squad Mobility's Solar-Powered EV: A Dream for Crowded Cities
Introducing the Solar City car: an affordable, clean, and compact solution for urban mobility. With its solar-powered design and nimble size, it's set to revolutionize city transportation.
Jan 15, 2024 // Transport, Squad Mobility, Robert Hoevers, Chris Klok
7 Companies That Are Leading the Way for Solar-Powered Cars
The naysayers aren't stopping big automakers and startups from developing the technology. There are some ideas where the payoff for success would be so huge that you just have to try.
Nov 27, 2019 // Transport, Japan, Toyota, NEDO, TESLA, Germany, Sono Motors, Hyundai, Elon Musk, Europe, Asia, Korea, Squad Mobility, Robert Hoevers, Light Year, Stella Ersa, Sion, New Energy, Koji Makino